Aayatya Gharat Gharoba

Aayatya Gharat Gharoba

Gopinath is a poor man who believes in keeping others happy.

Gopinath is a poor man who believes in keeping others happy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MaryAnn B (ca) wrote: This beautiful story gives you chills, makes you laugh, gives you hope and breaks your heart. Usually I don't cry to movies. This one is different. I love it.

Octavian (es) wrote: 1. A bunch of poetic informative lines said in Herzog's perfect voice. 2. Topic is really cool, but there actually isn't that much information provided3. Way too much meandering, and wtf was with the 20 mins of music at the end.

Berni E (us) wrote: Found the first half quite entertaining but it didn't hold my attention throughout.

M S (jp) wrote: Very pleased with this film. Anthony Wong was superb, crazy, and intense. The pace was frenetic, wild, and uncertain.

Lee M (gb) wrote: Buoyed by Lili Taylor's explosive acting, the movie paints a vivid portrait of Warhol's eccentric universe without stinting on lurid details and outrageous behaviors.

Altered E (jp) wrote: The Christian morality tale about drugs merely highlights the absurd conception and inept execution of this '70s monster flick. Somehow feels shorter than 80 minutes, but still mind-numbingly, stupidly, funny.

Andrew I (ag) wrote: As usual with Italian 1950s-60s films, this isn't a barrel of laughs, but it is very powerful and intelligent. De Sica brilliantly plays a likeable chancer who becomes embroiled in the seriousness of his surroundings when 'asked' by the Germans to impersonate the accidentally-executed General della Rovere He soon lives out the part so well, he becomes as much of a General as the General was. At 2hrs 12m, this isn't a short film, and I felt it sagged a little in the middle after a great start, but the ending made up for it. An easy 8/10.

Timothy W (ca) wrote: Good movie but I liked Iron Jawed Angels better.