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Mark W (ag) wrote: A bland, incredibly boring, badly acted cash in... A cash in on a film franchise that is quite terrible in all reality! This movie was just all over the place, admittedly it never looked like a cheaply made film, but it had all the elements of an absolute disastrous film! The story was mundane, the characters stupid the entire thing was just a complete waste of my time!

Lafe F (kr) wrote: Cute and Funny. The script and situations are over the top, but it's a lot of harmless fun. There are many lines which have sexual innuendos, the writers couldn't let it go. It was nice seeing Gates McFadden make an appearance; I hope there truly is a sequel to show what happens next Christmas at the other boy's estate; hey, if they can keep making these silly Fockers movies, why not?

josh m (br) wrote: entertaining but not exciting

Phillip D (jp) wrote: Shinya has a truly horrific touch, but ND does so much more than offer effective, un-nerving scares. The movie ends with so many questions , but the viewer feels so satisfied. Only Tsukamoto's films bring about this response. You are disgusted and intrigued. The play with sound and cutting make this one truly terrifying though.

Ria G (de) wrote: I saw it on cable & got glued till the end. The mom's secret was bizarre. The ending was not at all spectacular.

Randy P (de) wrote: Few jokes that are okay. Terrible script, and storyline. If you're a fan of the cast, then you might enjoy this film.

Jordan J (mx) wrote: This is the third Jurassic Park movie. It brings many new good things, but some new things that aren't so good. The movie's plot is much better than the second movie and makes much more sense too. The special CG effects have gotten much better since the first movie, but some of the effects that aren't CG, don't turn out so well like the spinosaurus attack in the beginning. Just like the second movie, this movie is also full of eye candy. The movie is also much darker than the first two which makes it a little more scary and entertaining but at the same time, there are just some bad things that bring the movie down. One bad thing is that there are too many things that don't make sense at all and some parts are just so boring. The movie's suspense isn't very good like the first two which can ruin the scary parts. Also unlike the second movie, I didn't see too much potential in it and just thought it would end up like this. Overall, this is just a decent sequel that I didn't expect much from and got what I expected, it's really just full of eye candy but that's what keeps the movie up a little bit from being kinda bad. C+

Andrew K (jp) wrote: This was an interesting and entertaining film which I enjoyed whilst it was focused on the grieving and tortured feelings but there were just too many bizarre moments which (I am sure were supposed to be funny) detracted from this - the dressing of his dead wife and the love making scene which only stopped when she discovered his male organ.

Olem O (nl) wrote: Cok icten, sicak, duygusal bir film.

Timm S (kr) wrote: I'm Bias As I Enjoy This Mainly Because Sandra Looks Hot!!! The Action & Futuristic Storyline Are A Mere Bonus Bit Of Entertainment. Watching Snipes & Stallone Face-Off With Denis Leary Turning Up Halfway In-Between.

Zurino O (ag) wrote: I'm not a country fan, and I even liked the music. Well done.

Francesco T (fr) wrote: James Franco, Fallon Goodson and Catherine Keener at their best! A bit of doubt remains on the character of Delmar...who is he? what does he represent? Great photography while the plot misses that 'extra' substance. Overall pretty good

Carl T (gb) wrote: I can't believe I liked this movie when it came out. I was 12, but still.... This is horrible. Ice T is the worst actor in the world.