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Mad M (nl) wrote: WARNING: Some reviews hint at the storyline too much. So be careful reading reviews. Nutshell: Pass on this one. It's a dark/gritty flick, but it's very low on the totem pole within the genre. I haven't seen many Indian flicks with an independent feel and unique plot and I love dark/gritty; so I wanted to like it. Generally: It's a mood/plot piece. There isn't much character development, but this isn't that kind of movie. Problem is... there are too many minor flaws, not enough depth, and the plotline stutters and stagnates. The big twist(s) is/are reasonably telegraphed... mostly because there isn't much going on. Writing: The dialogue feels very authentic and timed will. But the plot was poorly paced and felt insufficient. Production Value: Shotty. The alternating between live audio and voice over is distracting. Present English subtitles are not good... at least wait awhile for better subtitles if you're going to watch it.

Gunter V (de) wrote: Sets a real tone of menace. Read this movie compared to Revanche, and I don't think it's as good, but it's also quite different. There's more dark humor here. Chances are, anyway, that if you liked the Spielmann film you'll find lots to like about this one, too.

Simon M (us) wrote: Dry, boring with mediocre acting. Not sure why it got such high praise. Complete waist of time.

nipp s (us) wrote: Joe E Lansdale (my favorite author), Ossie Davis as JFK, and Bruce Campbell as the King........The answer is: What three things do you need for the most ridiculous/best horror movie ever?p.s. watch your ass

Ladii LuV (es) wrote: This movie krazy like hell.And funny but very good so ya know I had to get it on dvd.

Reko U (ru) wrote: This film has it all; bullets, bombs and babes. And Ron Moss. The length is just right, there's always something happening and the plot is simply incredible. The lengths these people go to do something fairly straightforward is incredible. The bad acting... bad everything make this film one of the classics. My Andy Sidaris collection is probably my most priced possession ...Next to the Steven Seagal set.

Victor M (ru) wrote: A "film" composed by fixed pics. The story behind "12 monkeys"

Sidney S (kr) wrote: A very flawed yet enjoyable film. What makes it enjoyable is the inclusion of the legendary Robert De Niro who as always gives a top notch performance in everything he is in. Edward Burns also proved to be good in his supporting role. Despite the impressive cast, Kelsey Grammer, Vera Farmiga etc. it still can't reduce the film's absurdity level. The plot was a little far fetched also. But on a positive note I am always up for a good cop thriller and also De Niro who is my favorite actor is in it so no doubt I'd watch it. The film was thrilling and the pacing was well. It had some good chase scenes and intense situations. The ending and climax was satisfying as well. Not a bad film perhaps a tad underrated, its not a 'great film' but it is good. Very entertaining.