Abalone Odyssey

Abalone Odyssey


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:24 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Abalone Odyssey 2003 full movies, Abalone Odyssey torrents movie

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Abalone Odyssey torrent reviews

Mike L (gb) wrote: Woah.... Just, woah. This is one of the most different movies I've ever watched. It's very strange but VERY smart. Unlike any zombie movie ever made. Great watch

Monica B (es) wrote: This is a great Movie.

Bobby E (nl) wrote: "Lake of Fire" depicts abortion in the United States, and the conflict of pro-choice and pro-life (propagated by the fundamentalist Religious Right.) While I understand the value of wanting to save a human life, this documentary exposes the religious position of pro-life for it's true horrible position. It is not a position of the value of human life from personal moral principles derived from intelligent thought.This documentary demonstrates the well-known fact that their pro-life values are based on "God, Jesus, and the Bible tell us so," and a position of giving up personal responsibility for doing God's Will. They misrepresent Biblical scripture, as they do with all Christian doctrine, to promote their own agenda. The irony is the individuals in the film who contradict their values by murdering doctors for murdering children. One of them declares "abortionists are murderers, murderers should be executed," and yet when he is sentenced to death, the religious become angry at the state's judgment. What's even more disturbing is how they justify using murder, terrorism, and harassment as having been effective ways of stopping abortion clinics. Clearly a show that Christian values are like human values, as Noam Chomsky states "The values we hold are not absolute. They are always contingent. They conflict, and life is made up of decision and complicated situations in cases of conflicting values." The bible does not support Christian family values. It does not support Christian values of motherhood and the value of human life. Perhaps no other literature holds more contempt for women, children, human life, and the natural occurrences of a woman's body related to her reproductive system (childbirth, menstruation, etc.) The FACT is that Christian values are based on delusions that are not supported by evidence including the doctrine of the bible.

Mark K (br) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Juan B (kr) wrote: hella funny paisas lost in iraq

Michael T (ca) wrote: Enjoyable rip-off of ET.

Al M (us) wrote: Based on both the life and the works of Japan's great modernist writer Yukio Misihima, Paul Schrader's pseudo-biopic alternates between fact and fiction to depict the mind of artist in a truly unique fashion. Essentially an arthouse omnibus or anthology film, Mishima divides itself between a frame narrative that focuses upon the last day of the author's life leading up to his committing seppuku and three of his stories that explore different themes important to him both in his art and his actual life. Featuring unique visual aesthetics for each different segment that draw upon the history of Japanese cinema, Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters concerns the various forces that drive us: art, beauty, and politics. A tragic as well as uplifting film, Mishima truly taps into the history of Japanese cinema to explore the paradoxical conundrum of how words can both elevate us and drag us down--they are salvation and our destruction. Mishima is a film about the ideals and impossibility of realizing our ideals. Beautiful, sad, and profoundly poetic, it is a film that will lead you to reflect upon the forces that determine your own life from the most mundane to most lofty aspects.

Thomas K (es) wrote: Amy Heckerling really gets teenagers and, while the film can't be called major in any way, you walk out afterwards feeling you've gotten some knowledge. And you'll never forget Sean Penn's performance.

Chrisanne S (jp) wrote: Not really good, way too long, but I love all the characters-- the old "has-been" actors are all top notch. Disney knew how to do it back in the old days!

Guillaume H (jp) wrote: perfect bergman, cathartic story, flawless actors. And very effective camera work.

Deadly V (nl) wrote: One of the most entertaining Detective films ever made.

Art S (gb) wrote: Ray Milland stumbles into a Nazi spy ring in the UK at the height of WWII. Fritz Lang keeps the viewer as confused as the hero as the nefarious deeds (and mysterious ways of keeping them secret) are uncovered. But once the chase is on, things wrap up quickly. Yet this is still a fun ride with a good visual sense.

Leslie G (it) wrote: One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies before they went down hill.