• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Sindhi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Abana torrent reviews

bill s (ca) wrote: A little quirky a little funny and sweet.Some very funny one liners.....a surprise left of center coming of age movie that's got a terrific sense of self.

Abel D (gb) wrote: A fascinating mess, Coppola's surreal dark comedy is an odd specimen. Its story and characters are paper thin and ludicrous, and yet, the dream sequences and visual style give the film a sort of entrancing watchablility.

Amanda W (jp) wrote: It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it tried so hard to be profound without really saying much, and had the huge flaw of having the two blandest main characters since Edward and Bella (actually more so), and expecting us to feel something towards their banal and lackluster lovestory. The melancholic atmosphere of the film makes the title all the more ironic, as the entitled protagonist has no spark or personality to make the movie shine.

Ryan S (es) wrote: 4.5/5. One of the best found footage films of all time and a fantastic super hero film.


Alberto S (de) wrote: La verdad q muy variada.Muy buena actuacion.

Ajek H (jp) wrote: Formulaic horror. But still delivers.

Monish N (au) wrote: Very refreshing to see an Indian movie without all the drama.

CuBaN M (gb) wrote: Turn it off is more like it.

bill s (kr) wrote: This is just a mess from begging to end,what a poor script.

Ian C (fr) wrote: Light hearted comedy with a likeable cast in Crystal, Kirby and Stern. Three NewYorkers head to New Mexico to take part in a cattle drive. Some nice scenery and a few gags makes for a enjoyable flick. Screen legen Jack palance won an oscar fro his performance as Curly. Now I love Jack Palaneand he is the balls in this, but he has only a handful of lines and is in the film fuck all.

Evan H (ru) wrote: This box-office bomb is one of the worst concepts ever conceived in Hollywood. It has a plot line that runs pretty thin. Jamie Lee Curtis seems to have put a lot of energy into making this movie while John Travolta seems lost. The on-screen chemistry just isn't there. It has enjoyable "dippy" dialogue that really makes you stare at the screen in shock because you want to ask yourself: "what was the writer thinking?"

Kirk Y (mx) wrote: A great sequel. Wish this series had continued...

Grant H (de) wrote: Very bad movie. There is very little this movie actually gets right. In trying to act as an homage to the cult classic Cannibal Holocaust, it repeats many of its flaws, delivering over-the-top gore the way only Roth can, but failing everywhere else. For starters, it can't choose between criticizing activists groups for their seemingly useless complaining or glorifying them for their tireless efforts. The film also progresses in the most annoying sense of American xenophobia as these mostly white suburbanites comes across "savage" natives and merciless mercenaries. The beginning of the film was one of the most vomit-inducing 20 minutes ever, these whiny white girls thinking they could solve these foreign country's problems by running to daddy and complaining, or by criticizing fellow "white Jewish girls" and then saying it's all okay by pulling out a Star of David and saying "I can say that because I'm Jewish."

Dave J (mx) wrote: It is possible to have too much Woody Allen-ism in one movie. Johansson even seemed to be mimicking Allen at times. That and she was mostly terrible in this not funny, boring story where everyone simply read their lines off cue cards.