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Abang Long Fadil


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Jaime B (es) wrote: Moote se embarca a contestar una de las preguntas milenarias de la sexualidad. Hay que tenerle paciencia porque es un tipo fastidioso, obsesivo e inseguro. Me quedo con una excelente frase del final: "tienes que encontrar alguien a quien le guste todo lo que traes a la mesa". De eso se trata.

Karen B (fr) wrote: Interesting twist of boy meets girl except they both have cancer. Author of book was so mean. Why? Very sad ending.

Jemma H (nl) wrote: It was pretty cute and most of the kids did a good job. It was fun to watch.

pete 1 (nl) wrote: still pretty good,the bar scenes & the soundtrack make this film stand outyou can tell the script was re-written by kevin smitha pretty good romantic/drama film

Graeme H (gb) wrote: When one has no real care for either Grant or Loren, the film can be tough going. Alright, but still stingy.

Michelle Shiva M (de) wrote: Wonderful! Esther Williams was a phenomenal swimmer, especially considering that this movie was made in the early 50s.