Abar Asbo Phire

Abar Asbo Phire


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Abar Asbo Phire 2004 full movies, Abar Asbo Phire torrents movie

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Abar Asbo Phire torrent reviews

Sarah (es) wrote: This wasn't as funny as I had hoped it would be. I also don't really see what the point of it was, as it didn't really tell me anything I hadn't already known or could have easily found out on my own. It wasn't boring though, not exactly. But it wasn't all that entertaining either.What did this movie teach me? It's totally normal for two men to go to the spa together. Total heterosexuality.

Dale R (gb) wrote: Not bad : totally ludicrous but worth 90 minutes. I found it disconcerting to see Mary-Ellen Walton's husband, Curt Willard, in this type of film!

Seamus M (de) wrote: Absolute crap. Ironic this movie is about acceptance yet full of stereotypes about both blacks and the Irish. Trust me on this, anytown would hate Eddie Griffin. Not because he's black, as this movie suggests, but because he's annoying as hell.

Quinto W (gb) wrote: This film had absolutely everything in it for me to love - hell, adore it!, but in the end I just couldn't find anything that interesting in it's characters other than the actors playing them.

Danielle S (jp) wrote: hello, it's a walter salles! what's not to love?... in all truth, it's been a while since i saw this, but i do remember liking it.

Benjamin O (ag) wrote: Satisfying continuation.

Wei Jay T (nl) wrote: Pure Children Fantasy. The faintest memory of my childhood connected to this film are the following words: "The Dragon Cat"; As described in Chinese by my father to me.

Hans c (fr) wrote: A bit silly at times, but when you get past that it is a great hockey movie.

Gareth R (kr) wrote: An underrated gem from the early 60's. Price plays a man searching for answers in Chinatown's seedy underground. How does he do it? By chasing the dragon, of course. It has a fittingly creepy trip out scene where Price sees spooky images of skulls, snakes and all manner of nasties in the form of demons and weird people laughing at him. Strange and unique in every sense.

Courtney S (nl) wrote: What a delight! A Brackett/Wilder written screwball with two irresistible leads. I find these street-talkin' characters in such movies to be ridiculous, but really quite charming.

Jake M (fr) wrote: Courageous is definitely Sherwood's best effort. To all the critics who are scrapping the bottom of the barrel just so they can call it a mess, keep in mind that this was a movie made by a church! While still preachy at times, what they were able to do with this film was still impressive. The main leads are believable and inspiring, the action scenes were well executed, and the message was clear cut. The second half was a little slow, but if a movie can stir my emotions like this one did, they definitely did something right. God bless you Sherwood pictures!

John V (es) wrote: You gotta be kitten me

Andish M (mx) wrote: Influential and Inspirational. it can get you think of what have you done in your life.Great Dialogues. Peter O'Toole make a wonderful performance. It is worth spending half of a day to watch!!!