Abare Goemon

Abare Goemon

Farmer Abare Goemon is confronted by brigand-like samurai. He raises an army of farmers to fight them and does so brilliantly. When Lord Asakura sees the success Goemon has achieved, he ...

Farmer Abare Goemon is confronted by brigand-like samurai. He raises an army of farmers to fight them and does so brilliantly. When Lord Asakura sees the success Goemon has achieved, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L R (nl) wrote: A superb and haunting modern classic.

Julia P (ru) wrote: A refreshing mix of raunch and coming of age that somehow reminds me of Fast Times. Not to mention Hader's performance was wonderful as per usual.

Robert H (es) wrote: Takashi Miike has crafted yet another samurai gem, but one with a more dramatic bent. Everything about this movie is fantastic, from the sets and costumes, to the cinematography and acting. The only quibble I have is that takes a mite too long to get to the finale, but oh what a finale it was. The build-up of tension and the flashback structure are what ultimately make this movie so great. Not only that, but the themes explored are also worth paying attention to, making this somewhat of an "anti-samurai" movie. Definitely for fans of Japanese cinema, but really any self-respecting cinephile should see this.

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Breey (ca) wrote: Seen half of it but well it was good

Robert H (fr) wrote: Somewhat cute and romantic.

Al P (br) wrote: I found it amusing and worth watching. It is a comedy, but also somewhat of a drama. I've already watched it 3 times and will probably watch it again sometime. If a man is secure in his identity he's not going to be upset because some people think he's gay.

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