ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi

ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi

The film deals about the journey of two young American Malayalees to Kerala.

The journey of two young American Malayalees to their Motherland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi torrent reviews

Chatelet (ag) wrote: Surprisingly, this film gives beautiful messages about life and morality.. very dreamy indeed..

Rachel M (au) wrote: it seems to be a semi-real story. but so much better than i thought it'd be. i like the ending that imposing gender equality in athletics and sports. yay! :)

Sean M (ru) wrote: This is a coming of age drama with a 15 year old girl who is discovering that she is a lesbian. There is some pretty decent acting in this movie including the main actroess Allison Folland who does a pretty good job as confused teen Claude. Cole Hauser is amazing and is really not a very guy and kinda scary in some parts. Nicely directed and a decent story with some plotholes but other than it is a pretty good flick.

Ben D (jp) wrote: A somewhat bloated epic of Christopher Columbus, it nevertheless has some beautifully handled sequences, and Depardieu is better than he any right to be i this.

Eric B (us) wrote: It makes me want to go to the toilet so I don't get cancer and die.

J K (gb) wrote: Richard Dreyfuss hit the high-water mark of his career in the late 1980s so naturally he had to indulge in one or two total pieces of crap, this being No. 2 (pun intended). The first, Let it Ride, was actually much, much worse. More a third-world version of the movie Dave where an actor or everyday man plays the president of a powerful country, only its in the third world and sucks. And oh yeah, it has Raul Julia in one of his final roles before his untimely death. More a dramedy, especially in the most important parts, despite the fact its a comedy to that point. That kind of radical juxtaposition is what drives movie goers bat guano crazy. Make up your mind what kind of a movie you're going to be, dammit.

Bill M (gb) wrote: A weird, wild and superior 80's horror flick, possibly as good as the first in many ways, filled with astonishing visual effects and an insane, vibrant sense of imagination, this plays out as much a vivid dark fantasy movie as a scary horror. This time around the last surviving group of Elm Street teens have all ended up in a psychiatric hospital and with the help of the first films final girl Nancy (Heather Langenkamp, bringing the same warmth and likability to her returning role as possibly the all time great final girl in horror....sorry Laurie Strode) they team up and use their dream powers against Freddy (Robert Englund's definitive portrayal of the character, much like Jason in Friday part 4, this feels like the fully realized version of the character that we all came to know and fear) the set pieces are legitimately amazing, the story is great, the characters and performances strong, especially a debuting Patricia Arquette, who is terrific here. The more i watch this pure pleasure of a horror film very year around Halloween, the more i think it may well be more than just a really damn good scary movie, it is possibly a masterpiece of the genre, and a perfect representation of the boundless creative madness of 80's horror. And freddy rules.

CJ C (jp) wrote: Strange childrens movie. I read the book as a kid.

Waldo J (mx) wrote: Love this movie. Hilarious from start to finish ????????

Anne R (gb) wrote: above average action film