Abduction of Figaro

Abduction of Figaro

Based on several of Mozart's most famous Operas including The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutti and making fun of everything from Star Wars to the Maltese Falcon this is an ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:opera,   opera parody,  

Based on several of Mozart's most famous Operas including The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutti and making fun of everything from Star Wars to the Maltese Falcon this is an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diana Z (ca) wrote: Fantastic subject matter, mediocre documentary. Worth seeing the highlights.

Kripi G (ca) wrote: No frills close up view of damaged relationships and growing out of them.

DAT m (us) wrote: Have been waiting a long time for this movie. Not pleased there is NO Megan Follows!! (She will always be the BEST Anne of all time!) But-having seen the trailer it does look like a watchable movie-it looks to have enough interesting things to watch. We'll See. No U.S. Air date yet but it's also for sale on the Kevin Sullivan web store.

Tina P (kr) wrote: Gotta love Andy ...he always seems to put on the right movies for me to watch when I come in ...this one I needed to watch again

Mike V (gb) wrote: This casual and straight-forward documentary was released to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. It contains numerous interviews and provides a chronological analysis of Mozart's life events, travels, letters, and of course his music. Here we get to see the man behind the music.

Senor C (nl) wrote: I like wrestling shoots but this is really a B list of wrestlers w/ Chyna, Dallas Page, Vampiro,Rikishi, Psichosis & New Jack just name a few. New Jack is the best of the lot (they could make a documentary just on him). As hardcore as he is his answers are hilarious & truthful as he enjoys a Long Island iced tea & a beer. You also get to see a match where he nearly kills a 70 year old man. Most of director Michael Moody's questions are a bunch of shit where he's trying to get dirt on backstage politics & some bad mouthing of Vince McMahon. Most of these wrestlers have no comment except New Jack. They shouldn't even have Psichosis in this because his English is so terrible. The only dirty you are given is from bitch Tylene Buck AKA Major Gunns. I guess it depends on how much of a wrestling MARK you are to enjoy this (personally I prefer Beyond the Mat) & if you like to see Chyna tailgating w/ her brother outside The Viper Room & butcher Aerosmith's Pink which she calls Green. I wonder if she actually thought was the name of the song. Probably; she's pretty think.. & drunk

Douglas E (kr) wrote: Interesting story, however its lack of flow and low budget production took away from what could have been an okay film.

Ken K (fr) wrote: Vinny Jones > Adam SandlerJason Statham = Burt ReynoldsVas Blackwood > Chris Rock David Hemmings > James CromwellOmid Djalii > NellyFootball > American FootballEasy call I think...

(ru) wrote: this was one of those wholesome family type movies, i loved as a kid.

Michael A (us) wrote: Pretty damn silly but I guess that's part of the charm?

Venisha W (es) wrote: no where near the book.

Daniele C (de) wrote: This is one funny and "erotic" 80's teen movie. This is the best funny and "erotic" 80's teen movie. There are some actors that now are famous like Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Penn (Jeff Spicoli).

Christopher B (kr) wrote: This sixth installment is another great, and unique, entry in the series. In the opening scene we see a montage of how many of Ichi's days unfold: walking in total darkness he is suddenly surrounded by men with drawn swords. A minute later, and with no words spoken, he continues walking into the darkness blowing his masseurs whistle - as those men bleed to death on the roadside. This happens again - and again. Such is the life of this yazuka. A masterful bit of cinematography & choreography under the direction of Ikehiro. Ikehiro would direct two more Zatoichi films.This is also the first film not to have a romantic interest for Ichi. Since the passing of his first love, Otane, in the 4th film; Ichi's heart seems no longer available to fall in love. In the early films, women were drawn to him because of his compassion for people, gentle humor, and accurate moral compass. Toss in his self-sufficiency as a masseur, a keen-eared gambler, and lest we forget - swordsman extraordinaire; of course women felt they would be well cared for if he would accept them. However love seems to be only another word for curse where this zato is concerned. In the 3rd film, young Yayoi revealed she had had a crush on the slightly older Ichi as he trained under her even older brother. He seems to have harbored a crush on her too, and she proposes marriage to Ichi! Then at the finale, Ichi has to duel his former sensai, Yayoi's brother. Both Yayoi and Ichi are emotionally crushed when the Sensei drops. Ichi has reinforced his image as a killer - not a lover - irreparably. Then in the fifth film a young and highly immature woman, Mitsu, clung to him more out of gratitude for her safety than love and not only was a generational gap revealed; but Ichi seems to have realized how rare and unlikely Yayoi and Otane's affections had been. The only romantic possibility in "The Chest of Gold" is dead Kichizo's sister, whom Ichi treats practically as a servant. What he does get, in a series first, is a "sensual massage" by a woman who had no interest in being "repaid in kind". The first instance of adult humor in the Zato series. Other firsts in this film are: an honorable boss - whom Ichi respects; a dishonest government official - in cahoots with another selfish boss; a village cooperative system - which amasses 1000 ryo after 3 bad years of crops(!); and a whip-wielding ronin [played by Katsu's real-life brother, Tomisaburo Wakayama!!] - Zatoichi briefly seems helpless against this new weapon. This is a solid entry in a mythic Chambara series.

Matthew J (us) wrote: Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall make a beautiful pair in this well-written cliche-free feel-good film.

Simon P (de) wrote: Almost continuously amusing yet still has a real impact, the main loan shark scene is truly menacing.