Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu

Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Russian,Uzbek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   surrealism,   spoof,  

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Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu torrent reviews

Jeremy C (fr) wrote: Selena Gomez is an amazing actress. This movie has a good story.GRADE:B+

Crankly M (ru) wrote: This movie is really interesting.I enjoyed every moment of it

Reina D (ag) wrote: good for kids at heart like me!

Victor P (gb) wrote: It's not the best movie, but it's one of those old 90's flicks!

dhef u (de) wrote: this is the winner!, what a crock of shit...the movie description says "it captures the challenges and excitement of this urban comunity"...I say it just gives a bad image of graffiti writers and its boring too.

Nathan H (jp) wrote: I cant believe I watched this on cable a few weeks back. Young versions of Anthony Edwards and Lara Flynn Boyle. Had to sit thru it to remember how bad it was.

John T (us) wrote: I haven't seen too many John Candy movies. I think I should see some more. This was definitely an SCTV cast movie, but far more consistently funny than SCTV. John Candy had some real great scenes of physical comedy, and the hypnosis scenes are hilarious. Definitely has some slow moments, and Eugene Levy's character was a bit obnoxious... but over all I thought it was a fun 80's flick.

Kim K (nl) wrote: Full of silly, snappy, snarky snippets one comes to expect from Mr. Twain. Holbrook's portrayal of the satirical cynic is brilliant. Highly recommended to any fan of Mark Twain or acidic humor.

Greg W (mx) wrote: good caper/heist pic

Gary L (es) wrote: Fantastic imagery. Best vampire film ever.

Craig T (ca) wrote: Worth watching for the great locations in '50s Los Angeles, especially the Bradbury Building and the original Angels Flight funicular railway. The story itself is a cross between cheap '50s atomic-age science fiction and a noir detective story. It isn't bad, and there are a lot of recognizable faces.

Jos M (it) wrote: Clasico! y la cancion una maravilla.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Buster Keaton risks life and limb to deliver some premium silent slapstick entertainment--silent comedy gold! an excellent choice for a first Keaton to see!!

Jovan J (nl) wrote: Don't know if I'm becoming a big Spike Lee fan, but i did really enjoy this, and I'm starting to enjoy his way of doing certain things. His cinematography, use of the same actors, social commentary, and lively vibe of his films. Great cast, so many famous black actors in one film, but this movie really is for everyone. Denzel and Wesley are great. Spike plays a loser as always, I'm starting to wonder why, but it's definitely not as bad as Do the Right Thing. There should be more movies like this these days.

Matthew H (us) wrote: Thought this would make me feel better after a breakup. It didn't. Bad movie, too.

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Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu torrent

Abdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu full movieAbdulladzhan, ili posvyashchaetsya Stivenu Spilbergu (1991) torrent