A nature field researcher is investigating the strange extinction of small animals and insects in the area, which indicates that something is wrong. His suspicions are soon to be proven right when he meets May, who lives in a cabin in the forest nearby. May says that her house is infested by small creatures that she thinks are mice or rats. When the couple search the house further, they notice that they're not rodents or insects. They are fast evolving lizards that have the appetite for animals and humans, no matter what size their prey are...

Mutant lizards attack a woman on the run hiding out in a cabin in the woods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry Y (mx) wrote: Great movie for rock music lovers.

Bleema M (nl) wrote: A stirring depiction of one soldier's transformation faced with the realities of war Watching his process one can understand the agony of both being a political prisoner and the conscience of the captors. The ending is riveting. Every American should see this to relate to our wounded veterans. And besides it is one of the best Indies I have seen in a long time.

Steven B (au) wrote: Quirky, but I really enjoyed it.

Joe S (it) wrote: kind a cross between drop dead fred beetlejuice and a rom com

Rachael G (au) wrote: pretty good film. dennis quaid is excellent in this.

Lewis E (fr) wrote: Despite its displays of powerful imagery, questionable plot choices means 'Candyman' fails to capitalise on its strong, haunting premise.

Craig C (us) wrote: CyberPunk starts here - in a no budget stage play with a script that reads like a lost Isaac Asimov robot story and a plot that's the grand father of Blade Runner. Like Russia's Spaceship XB-1 from the same year, this is decades ahead of its time. Worth seeking out. Essential.

Yuri Alexey P (ca) wrote: Terrible designs, terrible humor and terrible characters in a movie that would also be terrible if it weren't for the last 20-30 minutes, which somehow save it from total disaster :$