Abhimanyu movie is all about Hari (Mohanlal) who is a welder in a small factory, witnesses a gang-related murder and gets inadvertently involved with the underworld. The murder of a benevolent local boss complicates life in the slum where Hari lives, causing his slow transformation to a life of crime. Decent performances, in an otherwise weak script.

A daily-wage welder from Bombay's red light district gets involved in the underworld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dyron W (it) wrote: It takes an unexpectedly dark turn near the conclusion as well as a lost of sympathy for the male lead, but Ruby Sparks works that to its favor; offering us a wonderful little gem that offers insights on love, insecurity and commitment in modern day Los Angeles.

Brian M (au) wrote: Very good movie and want to see again

Nicole R (ru) wrote: This looks really good

Megan R (mx) wrote: A fascinating, bizarre, and wonderfully stylized film. The only kung-fu sequence I've ever enjoyed. Something about it being set in 18th-century France.

mike k (gb) wrote: Interesting, infuriating documentary on the utter failure that is the American experience of marijuana prohibition. The doco takes huge amounts of footage from the 20s through to the 90s, detailing the scams, propaganda and lies spread about pot by various conservative authorities, notably Anslinger, Nixon and Bush Sr - who, often simply ignoring the scientific evidence to the contrary, actively demonised pot-use among the general populace. Some of the graphics and title-sequences were slightly annoying, and although a mountain of editing was already required, just a little more might have helped in places. Enjoyable though.

Mike W (ca) wrote: Great movie about a young boy and his love for chess.

Jill F (ag) wrote: this movie is so fun. i loved it as a kid. and the song is still great today! it isn't popular, but it is definitley worth checking out!

Jonah R (gb) wrote: i want to see it again.,because its a beautiful story

David J (jp) wrote: Despite how outdated it looks for a film released in 1980, Akira Kurosawa's "Kagemusha" is a masterfully-directed historical epic that, like a mountain, stands tall among the best of them.

Jerem M (fr) wrote: Who knew a movie about peril in space could be so boring! How does this have 100% on Rotten Tomatoes again? For some reason this film won an Oscar for special effects, even though they aren't even close to being as good as those in 2001: A Space Odessey, which came out over a year previous!

Rangan R (ag) wrote: The coldest place in the country feeling heat of murders!It's not about Wall Street or the financial related related film. The title is where this story sets in, a small town in the United States. This is a thriller about a young man Dwayne, who captured the murder of a mailman while making a video with his girlfriend. Following the event a series of murders takes place. When he comes to know the killer is after him, it's time to reveal us why it's all happening. Meanwhile the sheriff intensifies his investigation considering for the first time such thing happening on his watch in the town.Really a good theme, but some silly plots or the reason behind events makes us to feel this is a stupid film. I mean people can do anything for the silly reasons, but the film did not convince on that. Though the locations were good and so the actors. Hemsworth, Malkovich, Dern, Palmer, particularly Stuhlbarg was very good. The narration had no point of view, it was told from every character. It was directed by some television filmmaker, should have been better, but not bad for a view. This is a hit and miss thriller, I hope you watch it for a simple entertainment than anticipating too much out of it.6/10

Scott K (us) wrote: Great. Reminds me of working at the video store when I was younger.