Able Edwards

Able Edwards

Shot on mini dv entirely against a green screen, "Able Edwards" is a story about the clone of a famous entertainment mogul created to revive the glory days of his deceased predecessor's ...

Shot on mini dv entirely against a green screen, "Able Edwards" is a story about the clone of a famous entertainment mogul created to revive the glory days of his deceased predecessor's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (mx) wrote: Mouais, a se regarde, sans plus.

Yasmine S (jp) wrote: A very shallow look into religion and religious families, and an even shallower look at friendship. Rochel and Nassira come off as strangers up until the grand gesture in the end when Nassira connects Rachel and Gidian, their friendship lacks any true substance beyond relating to each other. Moreover, why exactly is Nassira's family so wonderful, tolerant and understanding while Rochel's family is intolerant, superficial and controlling? I found the only character that actually made a lot of sense was Ahmed, Nassira's brother and who I wish had a bigger part in the film. All that being said, the film does occasionally induce some laughs and some sentiment.

Moni K (de) wrote: The first part of the movie is typical or even boring. Then it comes the twist but it's very weird and disturbing. Acting is terrible, plot is ridiculous.

Prattay S (gb) wrote: anna kendrick is a bitch

Haroon S (ru) wrote: Interesting and entertaining!

Alex W (ru) wrote: An above average story meet with good direction and great acting to make this a solid movie. This type of story has been told before a sense but not as uniquely. This movie delivers on what you hope it will and has enough going for it to keep you entertained.

Tom B (jp) wrote: A very bad imitation of movies like 'Mortal Combat', 'Dead or Alive',... After only 11 minutes I stopped watching this movie.

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" is everything that you'd expect from a cheesy 80's teen comedy. The acting is over the top and there are a few too many cheesy montages set to a fast-paced 80's hit, but the movie accomplishes what it sets out to do. I was really blown away with how young Helen Hunt looks (I had never seen her in such a young role) and Sarah Jessica Parker looked a lot better when she was 20 years old. Acting-wise, these two were fine. It was Morgan Woodward and Ed Lauter whose acting went way beyond necessity; at times, it felt as if they were trying to out-shine the leads by overacting. Regardless, this movie isn't about quality of acting or plot - it is about the dancing and the 80's style. The dancing isn't always the best but it really does help to capture that 1980's teen feel. I could go on and one but the Netflix synopsis of this movie says all that you need to know: "Two rebellious girls find themselves on a wild adventure filled with cute boys, prudish nuns, mean rich kids and parents that just don't understand."

Knox M (au) wrote: It's cute but not like Bergman or Tarkovsky in the sense of what it brings to the table.

Brian B (fr) wrote: Lugosi again scares the crap out of the Bowery Boys, or East Side Kids, or whatever you want to call them. Plenty of laughs.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Written and directed by Mike Mills (Paperboys (2001) and Thumbsucker (2005)), this romantic comedy drama was inspired by events from Mills' own life, when his own father came out as homosexual at the age of 75. It's an original idea for a film, and it does touch upon a plight most men faced in the old days, but kept it secret. As well as how family members might react when the bombshell is dropped. Told in a series of flashback, illustrator Oliver Fields (Ewan McGregor) remembers his recently departed father Hal (Christopher Plummer), who succumbed to cancer. After Hal's wife and Oliver's mother died, Hal comes out as gay, which is a big shock to his son, but Oliver comes to accept it. He never had much of a relationship with his father, rather spending more time with his free-spirited mother Georgia (Mary Page Keller). Shortly after his father's passing, Oliver meets French actress Anna (Mlanie Laurent), and pursues romance with Anna, using his father's postive open philosophy in life to keep the romance fresh. On the surface, something like this could have come across as mawkish and sentimental. But it has a quirky charm and a gentle sense of humour, and it manages to be bubbly and optomistic, even if death is a theme hanging over the film. But, it manages to be compelling and it's got something to say about modern relationships.

Joshua M (us) wrote: This is not a movie to be mesmerized by. Rather, it's a fun way to kill an hour and a half of your time. (occasionally)