The childhood memories of the author, from his earliest days as a student until his first few years at work.

The childhood memories of the author, from his earliest days as a student until his first few years at work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (es) wrote: Tina Fey y Paul Rudd son dos de los talentos ms interesantes de la actualidad. Su carisma se desborda tanto en la pantalla chica como en la grande. Y aunque "Admission", la historia de una mujer encargada de las admisiones a la prestigiosa Universidad de Princeton es una pelcula que subutiliza el talento de la pareja, logra el cometido de entretener, encantar y divertir. Paul Weitz, el director de "About A Boy", debi haber dejado a los actores ms sueltos y relegar la historia a un segundo plano, pero eso no es problema para Fey y para Rudd: en cualquier cosa que ellos hagan, se hacen sentir.

George C (gb) wrote: I really like Paul Giamatti and so a film where he plays himself should be awesome. It's not quite awesome but defiantly still quite good. An interesting concept almost in a similar vein to I heart Huckabees.

Lyndsey B (gb) wrote: i love jesse he is so fit in this dvd and i love rihanna xxx

Wes S (gb) wrote: This movie turned out to be better than I thought. A group teens from the prison for minors are sent to a small island after an incident occurs, once there they find out that someone else is on the island hunting them. I know this plot has all been done before but non the less it was an entertaining movie with a good twist at the end.

Lyubomyr O (jp) wrote: It's ok. Certainly recommended for the funs of cooking...

Amber S (mx) wrote: It used to scare the crap out of me and it still does! theres just nothing better then costume and animatronic monsters that just scare me more then the digitally made ones there just more realistic in every way!!

Morten K (ru) wrote: This is a wiener....

Luke R (kr) wrote: Who knew a fire poker would be so bloody?

Tracy D (br) wrote: Very good for it's time. Puppets to film, hard transfere, but this was different, because the actors were puppets.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: It just is dull and boring and flat as cardboard. I just don't know who thought this pitch was a good idea to be an entertaining movie