Abo el arabi wasal

Abo el arabi wasal

Abo Alaraby is a poor guy he loved a girl but he can't marry it because of his poorly finance ,so he is make a deal with Ma'te who competing him to love the girl.

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Sera P (fr) wrote: Can't believe I actually sat through the whole thing. Characters were dry, script was confusing, and there was no chemistry between the main characters. For half the movie, the plot revolves around the main characters evading the raven minion of the evil sorcerer when suddenly at what should have been the climax of the film (but apparently they wanted to drag it out longer) the evil sorcerer switches sides and selflessly turns into this super helpful guy right before he croaks, and we never really understand why. Many parts of the film were inconsistent and drawn out. Might be worth watching if you just want a good fairy tale and no substance or intrigue whatsoever. One star.

Ed B (gb) wrote: Absolutely hilarious! I loved the cast and the storyline. You really can't take films this this seriously so just check it out, you won't regret it.

Raul n (ag) wrote: Denzel como siempre dejando una espectacular actuacin en toda la extensin de la palabra.!

Kristina P (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. Honest, funny, charming and for all the reasons I hate to admit it - because it hits too close to home. I think most people have been in or around here..

Ioana (nl) wrote: beautifully acted, witty and... a true gift for women who forget what they can do.

Andres G (ag) wrote: Tangled and lacking rhythm story. Not that interesting and already told in other movies even being based in true facts.

Kelly K (ag) wrote: Not quite what I was expecting. I suppose what makes it alluring is the fact that it is "artsy." The characters do not speak much, not even to each other. You have to pay attention to things like a stare, a frown, the incessant piano playing in the background. Half the time I could not even follow what was happening. Worth seeing to some extent.

Mo T (au) wrote: NO MONEY TO SEE IT!!!MO.

David T (kr) wrote: A very extremely interesting premise. Just not well executed.