Naive, childish and precocious, Gauri lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town, Rajanpur, along with her sister, Ratna; her mom; and dad, Girdhari Singh. While at the fair, she gets into ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Naive, childish and precocious, Gauri lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town, Rajanpur, along with her sister, Ratna; her mom; and dad, Girdhari Singh. While at the fair, she gets into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron J (br) wrote: Didn't see much of this when it ran on VH1 late one night, but I loved what I saw!

Ded V (jp) wrote: Interessante... vou baixar! Heheh

Ashley W (nl) wrote: At first, I was baffled. What is this movie and why did I rent it? The beginning monologue is key I believe. I enjoyed this movie. But, I enjoy all things Binoche. =)

Kristen B (mx) wrote: Don't let the title, Corpse Bride (Tim Burton 2005), turn you away; this animated work of art is an emotional and entertaining story. Burton (known for Edward Scissorhands (1990) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) ) really knows how to make his audience connect with even the strangest of characters. Prepare yourself to be torn between Victor (voiced by Johnny Depp) choosing to marry the Corpse Bride (voiced by Helena Carter) or Victoria (voiced by Emily Watson). This film will put you on an emotional rollercoaster as your travel from the colorful land of the dead to the dark world of the living. Drawing from German Expressionist techniques, Burton utilizes chiaroscuro and unique set design to create strong visuals. Overall, this is a must-see movie that is not only a designed beautifully but also enjoyable for the whole family.

Anne W (fr) wrote: The first Babe was a great family experience, but this sequel is far too sentimental and emotionally manipulative for my taste - an extended scene of a dog almost drowning and suffocating desperately wanting to give us the sads - ugh no, just no. I also wouldn't show this movie to kids under 8. I would recommend this movie to adults and older children who loved Toy Story 3Babe:Pig in the City has a very similar feel.

ehk2 e (ru) wrote: It's my second view. really good, genre-ridiculing, underrated, shiny example of neo-noir

Shawndra L (es) wrote: My most favorite movie ever!

The V (gb) wrote: A very good movie interpretation of the play it's based on. Three guys plan to steal a buffalo nickel, but are too wrapped up in their repressed, anti-social musings to the point where they slowly turn on each other and even as far as to accuse an innocent teen of being the reason for botching the job. The ending was a bit of a punch in the gut, but it finally got Teach and Don to shut the hell up! Still a very good movie though with great performances from the three lead actors: Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz and Sean Nelson.

Whit w (mx) wrote: A great looking monster is the only thing great, or even good, about "Pumpkinhead". This is a movie written around an awesome looking beast that someone created in Stan Winston's effects shop. The monster is a very cool creation. It spends its time stalking some young adults who accidentally kill a little boy.About the monster, it looks fantastic. The fangs, clawed hands and drooling mouth show amazing detail. There are times when closeups of its face make it hard to tell that it's not real. Unfortunately, that can't be said for almost anytime it moves, lifts or pulls something. During creature attacks, things are timed so that they happen off-screen or only a portion of the monster is seen when it has to do something, like say...walk.Another problem is the claustrophobic feel this movie has. The characters are being chased by the creature but it's like they're running in place. The sound stage must have been the size of my living room.Lance Henriksen is his usual glum self but those are the roles he plays well, so here's your paycheck, Lance. The rest of the actors and actresses are awful."Pumpkinhead" is about a demon who mercilessly kills people who don't deserve to die for what they've done. Most are innocent bystanders who aren't able to plead their case to the ruthless beast. You'd think that would set things up for a scary flick. You'd be wrong.

Leon B (nl) wrote: Death Sentence is one of them movies that have a good dialogue with a gripping story about a vigilante.

Brad H (ag) wrote: A man's romantic movie if such a thing were possible. Don Jon treats the subjects of porn watching, masturbation, relationships and self realisation with a sharp, slick wit and a warm heart. In a manly way, obviously.

Andrea M (mx) wrote: Simply amazing. I have watched it two times and I will probably do it again. I liked the performance of Anthony Hopkins above all, he has been extraordinary as always.

Robert B (ru) wrote: I'm getting to old for this shit. LoL, classic

Justin B (nl) wrote: Its satire of the 80's slasher movie is nearly spotless; more clever and affectionate than pretty much any other attempt. Though it lacks the outrageous gore most horror comedies tend to have, it makes up for it with a genuinely heartfelt story.