Abominable Christmas

Abominable Christmas

Despite repeated warnings about humans from their father, the Abominable Snowman, two Abominable Snowkids find themselves in a sleepy Colorado mountain town after being chased out of their hideaway by a scientist determined to capture them.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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Despite repeated warnings about humans from their father, the Abominable Snowman, two Abominable Snowkids find themselves in a sleepy Colorado mountain town after being chased out of their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan T (it) wrote: This is an entertaining movie based on the cartoon from the late 70's- early 80's that I grew up on. I can only assume that the critics gave it horrible reviews because it's not realistic. But the concept of a guy raised by apes who swings from vines is not realistic ? it's entertainment. I think it's a great rental

Steve B (mx) wrote: Romantic comedies are usualy not my style but this one was great! The actors are really good, especially the girl.

Mark R (es) wrote: The jumping around in time frames seemed to have been it's biggest criticism. I think it action kept you on your toes. It's one of the best films I've seen depicting the plight of escape and reunification of the Vietnamese after the fall of Siagon and we left them to spin in the wind.

Josh W (ag) wrote: Not as good as the first.

Jesse F (ru) wrote: Though the film is eerie with atmosphere, it's just not entertaining enough, particularly because I think it tries to take itself to seriously.

Karsh D (nl) wrote: awful comedic horror with poorly executed fx, a gorilla which is so obviously a man in a hairy costume and a 25 minute police car chase. Boring drivel and as for the "oh happy day" singalong at the end - where did that come from??

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: Wonderful British film about three siblings who mistake a wounded man sleeping in their barn for Jesus Christ. The storyline is very clever and the children led by Hayley Mills as Kathy are fabulous.

Campbell P (jp) wrote: The best part about Wes Anderson's filmmaking is that none of his films feel the same but have the same quality to them. In Rushmore he has his quirky characters and colors for sure, but the story isn't like anything I've seen before. It follows the story of really bright schoolboy, Max Fischer, who uses all his potential towards extracurricular activities. The headmaster of Rushmore tells him that if he doesn't get his grades up they will throw him out of the school. This is the film that really glorifies Anderson's unique style of writing. You'll never see a movie quite like this anytime soon, it's goofy, it's romantic, it's sometimes hard to bear, and it's very VERY intelligent. His dialogue he writes for the characters always sounds really interesting and I'm always on board with the story due to their convincing speech and tones. This is also giving credit to the great performances by the leading cast. Jason Schwartzman gives a great performance in his first ever role and it's sure as heck a memorable one. Bill Murray didn't feel like he phoned it in this time and really paid off because his character was very charismatic and fun to watch as he was pit against the pretentious Max. The supporting cast is just as fun as the main cast because since they don't play as big of a role they can be as kooky as they need to be and still make the story seem relevant and on point. The two sons of Herman, Dirk, and even Margaret were really fun characters despite their limited screen time. Anderson really shines when it comes to overall character buildup and their change throughout the film. The characters all learn something and it never felt forced. However some parts of the film were slower than others and I partly feel that was just because there were so many details that had to be addressed that it just took a few scenes to explain what really would go down. This movie was really entertaining when it wasn't slow and it was quick with the punches and it felt exciting for a majority of the film. The soundtrack was phenomenal given the independent film setting and the quirky scene transitions. It just felt fitting. Rushmore overall is a solid effort by awes Anderson. It has plenty of laughs, a great cast, a very original story, and lots of great visuals. B+

Jake C (jp) wrote: Complex with a little bit of fridge horror, Charlie Kaufman dazzles and surprises with what we find strangest. .reality. This though-provoking mosaic is unlike anything you've ever seen.