Above Suspicion

Above Suspicion

Frances and Richard Myles (Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray) are newlyweds honeymooning in Europe on the eve of World War II. Unexpectedly, they find themselves commissioned by the British secret service to secure the plans for a new secret weapon masterminded by the Nazis (involving magnetic mines). The trail leads them to Innsbruck where they arouse the suspicions of a Gestapo chief.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:English,French,German,Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   escape,   murder,  

Oxford Professor Richard Myles and new bride Frances are off on a European honeymoon. It isn't your typical honeymoon though, for they are on a spying mission for British intelligence on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leong C (au) wrote: A tale of corruption from every level of law enforcement....

Adinda A (nl) wrote: Cerita : 7/10Akting : 7/10Ending : 8/10Kepuasan : 8/10Pecinta drama jangan lewatkan film yang satu ini. Film ini menampilkan hubungan ayah dan anak lelaki yang tidak mudah bahkan bisa menghantui hingga si anak dewasa. Judul film ini, anda akan menemui korelasinya di akhir film yang membuat saya merinding. Sangat powerful, deep, dan authentic. Tapi bagi pecinta non-drama film ini bisa menjadi berpotensi membosankan. Like it.

Martyna V (ag) wrote: it's just too many stories in one film, or maybe not enough.. something is missing.. interesting to see how this film grabs you, at first, and then fails througout the time.. and beautifuly lit !!

John T (jp) wrote: I saw the documentary with the real kids being prosecuted for this. This was pretty good.

Brett C (de) wrote: Brilliant film. Never seen better. It's terrible.

Vinny M (nl) wrote: mad dumb.....but okay

Louisa B (jp) wrote: very weak story line, but the dancing and singing is good

mcarmel cray t (gb) wrote: WOOOOOOOOOW MY BABY WORDS

Nick A (fr) wrote: Maybe the most well-acted movie I've ever seen.

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Not a comedy like the others with Hugh Grant , this was a bit more seriously and i liked it ....good story to !

Marco A (jp) wrote: When things get weird!

Zoran S (au) wrote: It's enjoyable but doesn't really capture the spirit of the comic strip.

Nick M (br) wrote: God's Dead and Kevin Sorbo killed it!!!!