Above the Street, Below the Water

Above the Street, Below the Water

This is the day when the lives of an intertwined group of people take a new direction. Everything they have taken for granted starts to change. While Anne and Ask's relationship succumbs to 'metal fatigue', Charlotte has to realise that her husband Carl may not be right for her. At the same time Bente has to decide if she is prepared to wait for ever for her lover, while her ex-husband Bjørn must face the pain of finally letting Bente go. The characters and their children are twirled around in an ever-increasing drama which peaks during the opening night of Hamlet. Anne is on stage as Ophelia, and the question remains: to be or not be responsible for one's own happiness.

The lives of an intertwined group of people take a new direction as all they have taken for granted starts to change. Anne and Ask's relationship succumbs to 'metal fatigue', Charlotte ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Above the Street, Below the Water torrent reviews

Kippy K (au) wrote: That was really good for an Australian film!

Rhiannon F (br) wrote: Loved every minute of it! Feel good film!

Bruno V (us) wrote: Tina Fey was a bit lovely in this one , a petit part humor , and a fine story . Not great enough to buy this .

Luca B (jp) wrote: La storia di due ragazzi che vogliono suonare Rock a Teheran e possibilmente fuggire all'estero (C) l'artificio narrativo che permette al regista di mostrarci il mondo vivo ma sotterraneo della musica "giovane" in Iran. Ci sono anche Heavy Metal e Rap! Il tutto condito con la potenza delle immagini di Teheran girate in stile MTV. Poi dicono che in Italia c' (C) un regime... siamo solo un paese di emme ma possiamo ascoltare ancora il cacchio che vogliamo.

roger t (nl) wrote: recommended by fascade.

water m (us) wrote: beautiful. Remains sometimes makes me tired. And death is also a part of life.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Ill do this quick so I don't have to go into this huge review. The main story is that this police force goes to a police convention in Miami and its taken over by terrorist and they are working to get rid of the terrorists. We got this gay stereotype who is not really gay and the movie is funny sometimes but not really and its not bad at best.75/100 B-

Eliabeth S (ru) wrote: its a moist cavity between yer legs, sumtimes it sweats and sumtimes it smels

Jess L (us) wrote: A movie about people; dealing with changes in their life, their relationships with other people and ultimately discovering who they are because of the things they experience within this film. Whilst not an excellent movie some stand out performances made this enjoyable and interesting to watch. Adam Brody may not be the most versatile actor going around at the moment but he does bring a certain charm and humour to this film that elevates it from a dark and brooding take on Suburbia. Olympia Dukakis was good as the dying grandmother and Kristen Stewart was also quite good in her role. One thing that annoyed me about this film was Meg Ryan, I thought she was very average and her lips were a big distraction, they look horribly artificial. Many have commented on her brilliant performance in this film but I didn't care for it. Overall an OK movie to enjoy on DVD.

Aliye N (mx) wrote: A big part of hanging out with my cousins late night on Fridays and watching this on cable. A decent sequel to the Van Damme masterpiece "Cyborg". An earlier appearance of Angelina Jolie..nuff said!!!

Colin H (br) wrote: Voodoo cop avenges fallen police officer while taking out several innocent people for no reason. The ending chase scene was laugh out loud hilarious, but nothing else stood out for me.

Michael H (jp) wrote: An older ethnographic documentary like this offers layers of information:The photographic documentation of the lives and practices of the people being filmed.The choices made by the filmmaker(s) about what to show and how to show it.The narration or commentary which can offer insight into the people and society being documented; but just as much into the perspectives and attitudes of the commentators and their society.The reaction of the modern day audience to the images and the commentary which offers insight into changing attitudes.This film offers pretty rich material for exploring all those aspects.

Vipin K (kr) wrote: A must watch for all Die hard Elvis fans like me...Bossanova Baby.....No doubt he will allways be the KING!

Brad S (fr) wrote: First time watching this Hitchcock film, and I quite enjoyed it. The cast is excellent, and I really liked Bruce Dern in this. The story is good, and there's humour as well. A solid film from Hitckcock's late career. Check it out!

Francisco J (nl) wrote: Jason makes an unbelievable, heartfelt performance & the cast of people just takes it to the next level... That sepia, yellow & brownish lighting shooting method just sets the ambient so well for this film... ????? Go see it, share it with EVERYONE and then go see it some more... Best film of 2014 !

Anthony I (fr) wrote: I loved this movie. This is a riveting look at the 1992 campaign for President Clinton and in due process, it captures some amazing history. Shot in grainy 16mm, The War Room is a relic in its own right.