Abril de Vietnam en el año del gato

Abril de Vietnam en el año del gato


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Hannah D (es) wrote: It got off to a bit of a slow start, but once the relationship between Harvey and Kate began to develop, it improved a huge amount, and I really ended up enjoying it.

Hugh J (au) wrote: I was surprised by how much I dug it. The plot wasn't anything original but they didn't go the usual route with it and I liked that they didn't. And even though I think Zoe Telford is prettier than Anne-Marie Duff and have a hard time believing anyone would want to cheat on ZT with AMD, I went with it because AMD is pretty damn likable. Ralf Little was also awesome, despite the unnecessary nudity. I felt kinda bad for Fiona, though. She literally didn't do anything wrong, he just fell in love with another chick. Damn shame, that. The ending left me feeling pretty good, though. It's a decent flick.

Sudakshina B (mx) wrote: A great movie, very refreshing and genuine. Farhan and Konkona delivered great performances. The comedy wasn't overdone and the drama was in all the right places.

Kim L (kr) wrote: good casting, not the best script

James T (ag) wrote: It's a passable adaptation but the material isn't suited to film. The power behind the novel is in it's ability to draw the reader into the family's world and resist change as much as they do. The minute you see Jack whackin' it in the mirror in this, you just want them all to be carted off to foster homes.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 76%Star crossed lovers, yada yada, you know the story, except this time, Romeo is an extraterrestrail.

Amethyst v (es) wrote: Sad story about 2 married people who against better judgement enter into a friendship but end up falling in love and foolishly damaging their marraiges and secure life. They lose contact but after the marriges breakdown due to their infidelity they meet up again in the exact place where the originally met. It's suppose to be a romantic film but its a film about infedility and the damage it causes to the wronged mate and to the children when the marraige ends.

David D (it) wrote: It was interesting to see this film again like 20 years after the first time. It is pretty outrageous. A scruffy chimney sweep is abused to work for some robbers, but is saved by a rich family. On the way there he goes underwater and meets talking fish characters that can only be imagined whilst on drugs. contains the line 'you may know me as' which I'm 100% sure the Mighty Boosh have stolen and all in all this looks like the kind of film that inspired them completely.

Terence (kr) wrote: super cheesy Phillipino horror film thats about a man who makes a deal with the devil to survive death. pretty lame. he turns into a rampaging werewolf character at times so it isnt unwatchable.

Seishi (es) wrote: Miyamoto Musashi (? ??) (c. 1584??June 13 (Japanese calendar: May 19), 1645), also known as Shinmen Takez?, Miyamoto Bennosuke, or by his Buddhist name Niten D?raku[1], was a Japanese swordsman famed for his duels and distinctive style. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became legendary through his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age. He was the founder of the Hy?h? Niten Ichi-ry or Niten-ry style of swordsmanship and the author of The Book of Five Rings (?? Go Rin No Sho?), a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today.

Sean C (au) wrote: Cornball crap. Avoid like the plague.

Kevin R (de) wrote: One movie that you'll never see the twist before it happens..

Lewis L (us) wrote: Interesting historical documentary on the fastball