Abuse of Weakness

Abuse of Weakness

After a brain hemorrhage, Maud, a filmmaker, wakes up one morning in a half-dead body that has left her hemiplegic and facing inevitable solitude. Bedridden but determined to pursue her latest film project, she discovers Vilko, a con man who swindles celebrities, on a TV talk show. He is arrogant, magnetic and mesmerizing. Maud wants him for her new film. They meet. He sticks around. He swindles her, too, borrowing astronomical sums of money. He takes everything but gives her joy, a family. This film tells the story of the abuse of weakness to which Maud falls victim.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:three word title,  

A stroke-afflicted filmmaker is manipulated by a notorious con man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ScubaSteve Walter M (nl) wrote: Nice cinematography and I wish I could say the same thing for whole film. Traditional Philippine cinema that lacks complexity and focuses on the love story.

Steve D (br) wrote: important issue handled adequately, but unimpressively.

Dayan C (ru) wrote: Perfect combination of reality, sarcasm, Excellent!

Jim F (nl) wrote: Excellent low budget / Indie Movie.

Ray T (br) wrote: A glorious romantic comedy/drama (I refuse to use the term dramedy) of a man and woman who are introduced to each other by their families as a possible love match, but they are currently involved with other people. What is amazing about this film is what it does not have - There is no sudden personal epiphany; there is no heartfelt lecture that turns someone mind; there is no sudden change in lifestyle when falling in love; there is no dramatic couple confrontation. There is just a slow and steady realization that possibly some of their life choices are wrong and even that does not come with a clean conclusion. In fact, ultimately the film is more about meaningful friendships than love.

Wes L (de) wrote: The strong material is drowned in subpar David Lynch excess and indie movie conventions. Too bad because Cam Archer clearly has talent and he gets some good performances out of no name actors.

Countess N (it) wrote: Crap acting and unbelievable special effects.

Ogulcan K (fr) wrote: added one more thing to my bucket list:)

Alec B (kr) wrote: Its so clearly an Americanized version of "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" that I'm not surprised that it feels so watered down and unremarkable. This one just doesn't have the heart of that film. I do think Snipes, Swayze, and Leguizamo all do an alright job in these roles . . . not great performances but there's something to be said for the effort they put into giving these characters life. Oh and seriously, no one could think of a better title?

EricTravis S (br) wrote: This would have fared better as a mini-series with a few more hours to delve into the social implications of what had happened if Deutschland had in fact won World War II (something that many still wonder why never happened). Although an extremely clever premise, the execution of this film fell short in the third act, seemed a little rushed, and had more than one epiphany that waas lacking plausability even on the best of days. There are far more effective "future sci-fis" such as Equilibrium or even Logan's Run. I do applaud the film-maker's courage in making a film about what would happen if the Nazis had won, especially considering how widely unpopular Hitler's Germany is even today. I should add that the climactic finale where President Joseph Kennedy, Sr. of the USA was to meet Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of Germania, involved a night-time gathering surrounded by supporters and lit by torches that was visually stunning. Seeing an older Hitler standing at a podium surrounded by torches (although crazily far-fetched as far as meetings of dignitaries usually take place) was very visually stunning. An interesting film, but again it could have been developped further and been a great film.

peter h (jp) wrote: This film alone is proof enougth why Roger Corman is called "The King of The B movies". Aside from the little shop of horrors , the creature from the haunted sea is one of Cormans most famous films. One look at the goofy creature will have anyone rolling on the floor with laguther plus the dumb script from Cormans most famous screen writer Charles Griffin will make any one whacting the film want to laugh at the stupid dialouge like " poltics do you play?" or the dumbest line from this film "don't worry the boats insured" , come on thats not even funny. But whats funny is just viewing this silly film with a horrible looking monster wearing flippers and gloves while killing scuba divers . 5/10 a trully good bad movie along with any Ed Wood movies , the killer shrews , the giant gilla monster or Troll 2 for that matter.

Nick S (gb) wrote: The convergence of two very different minds, Cocteau and Melville make for a very unusaul and strangely compelling film about incestuous obsession that leads to tragedy.

Bryan M (ru) wrote: Morning Sis, can u do me a big favor and send me a video birthday wish to Kirk n Ivolyn. Someone ask me to do a video slideshow for them and I'm using Kirk birthday pictures to practice. Thanks in advance

Tyler J (jp) wrote: Okay this movie wasn't as bad as nightmare on elm street 4 and 5 but this movie was pretty dumb though but I guess I'll just give it 1 star!

Ryan V (mx) wrote: Machete (Danny Trejo) is a federal officer who is betrayed by a drug dealer (Steven Seagal) who also murders his family. This sends Machete knife-first into an elaborate conspiracy involving a xenophobic US state senator (Robert DeNiro), a conflicted ICE agent (Jessica Alba), a vigilante who kills illegal immigrants (Don Johnson), a "reformed" priest (Cheech Marin), an amateur porn star (Lindsey Lohan), a scummy concierge (Jeff Fahey), and an underground rebel with a heart of gold (Michelle Rodriguez). Co-writer/director Robert Rodriguez stuffs all 109 minutes of Machete with over-the-top violence and ham-fisted political satire. This film is a hot mess, but it's still a damn fun exploitation movie.