"Acceptance" is a movie that is equivalent of being slapped on the wrist by your mother for not being like everyone. Forget about being different from others and being yourself. In the movie it shows how crazy students and parents can get when it comes to being accepted in different colleges.

A comedic and sometimes poignant look at the absurdity of today's college applications process for parents and teens. Joan Cusack stars as a stressed out-mom trying to get her teen daughter Taylor Rockefeller into college. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Acceptance torrent reviews

Paul D (fr) wrote: It's revealing to see that such an internationally renowned film studio is still run like a cottage industry!

Anna C (mx) wrote: Ngot fr neuropsykiatriska filmklubben? En krleksfilm och ett triangeldrama dr en av parterna r en en autistisk ung kvinna.

Aaireah W (ru) wrote: I do not have the money

Julio D (jp) wrote: Muy convulsa,desagradable despu (C)s de verla en el sentido de que lo visto no es o no fue o no sabes sin tomar en cuenta que el drama mostrado es una cosa triste porque verdaderamente sucede en muchas sociedades y pases en que las personas no tienen ni siquiera la cortesa de ser atendidos como personas. Christian Slater hace una buena interpretacin de un hombre desesperado antes las vicisitudes de su vida y el como actua el entorno de las personas que lo rodean cuando las circunstancias lo ponen del otro lado del camino. Es una lstima que la conclusin de la historia de al traste con el giro, pero supongo que esa fue la decisin de una historia de este estilo en el sueo de la no esperanza.

Benjamin C (mx) wrote: Netflix rocks! Another amazing documentary...Very sad but unfortunately true of Southeast asian countries..A subject that no one is really doing anything about..this and human trafficking- kids...SICK! Probably the worst crime! An eye opener!

Joe H (mx) wrote: It was very interesting to watch. He was a very brave soldier in the prison in Vietnam. His father was a very loyal soldier, also.

Private U (fr) wrote: Very good cast and I just love Tim Roth!

Private U (fr) wrote: Very messed up! Rod Livingston is horrible in this movie.

Clover C (es) wrote: Really dramatic, but really really the best film I ever saw. I wouldn't recommend this for young kids let alone teens that can't take gore and blood. The story just all goes together. The killer, the deaths, it all makes sense!!!!! Francis has so much emotion and courage, the only part I didn't really see much from him is how he reacted to Felicity's death, but at least they didn't make him cry about it for the rest of the movie.

Michael R (ca) wrote: Thrilling, and a masterpiece. A tiny, tiny bit overrated though.

a t (jp) wrote: A classic. Entertaining, fascinating, heartbreaking.

Bill B (au) wrote: Gave this another watch tonight as part of my Christmas anti-programming regimen, and I was amused by how much it grows on you when you know how strange it gets in the end.Such a bizarre ending, it's worth the watch for the last ten minutes alone, and the John Waters commentary is a lot of fun to listen to as well.Worth a rental at the very least.

Matt W (de) wrote: This one is a must see for the old school. It pulls away enough that in some cases it has its own identity from what other ideal creating movies are trying to build at that time.

Sarah C (us) wrote: lol wow this is bad...but i sat through it...