A high school slacker who's rejected by every school he applies to opts to create his own institution of higher learning, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, on a rundown piece of property near his hometown.

After being rejected from every college he applied, Bartleby Gaines opts to create his own institution of higher learning, the South Harmon Institute of Technology, on a rundown piece of property near his hometown. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle G (au) wrote: This movie was okay. I really didn't see anything scary in it. That kid sounded really weird. Like someone pressing down on someone's Adams apple.

Austin H (fr) wrote: greatest movie ive evr seen, hands down

Pauline L (it) wrote: Impressive film. It gives you a look at the horrors many demi-god clerical figures perpetrated upon the vulnerable youths basically imprisoned in reform schools across the country in Ireland in the 1990's. The acting and the cast was phenomenal, creating either genuinely likeable or utterly hideous characters. Often quite harrowing to watch considering it is based on a true story, this movie is exceedingly good at tapping into emotions. Definitely one film to have seen.

Dave W (br) wrote: Wow, there was a lot of messed up stuff in this move. Grotesque is an adequate word to describe it. The ending is beyond strange with one of the least sympathetic monsters in memory showing up at the end. Does anybody really understand what the hell is going on at the end with the mother alien? Despite it's flaws, this is a visually stunning film and in some ways the most disturbing of the four.

Eliabeth H (es) wrote: I love this movie the guy who plays Jessie he is hot

Joe N (au) wrote: Sometime in the late 90's, early 2000's I was watching TV in the evening and I heard that Super Mario Bros was coming up next, I was like "WOW, they actually made a movie based on this awesome video game franchise? How come I've never heard of it? I can't wait to see what it's like!" WOW what a let down. I was not expecting ANYTHING like this. It did not feel like I was watching a Super Mario Bros movie at all. Their first and biggest mistake was having it be live action and in a real-world sort of environment. It should have been animated and it should have been in a world that screams fantasy. It should have been a movie that reminds why we love the video games, why the worlds are so interesting to explore. The plot to this movie is sort of hard to explain, we've got Mario and Luigi chasing after Princess Daisy (not Peach and not Toadstool) They go with the name from the gameboy version. We also have dinosaur creatures who apparently survived the meteor shower and now look like humans trying to look like lizard-like creatures. Bowser er I mean Koopa, yes they don't call him Bowser in this movie is played by Dennis Hopper (I can't believe he didn't turn this down.) He looks nothing like the Bowser we're familiar with in the game, he looks like Dennis Hopper with a lizard type of hair style. I'm also surprised they got the guy from Roger Rabbit (Bob Hoskins) to play Mario in this. A good choice but he couldn't save this movie. He and Luigi don't really look like the Mario Bros fans are familiar with until they put on their red and green costumes. Overall, there are points when you have no idea what you are watching. and I feel like if you're going to make a Mario Bros movie, DO NOT have it be live action and DO NOT put them in a realistic environment. In fact, I can see Disney or Disney Pixar making a good animated Super Mario Bros movie. Bottom line, this movie should not exist. I'm sorry, but that's just what I think.

Ben G (de) wrote: Without focusing too much on a nonsense story and a clichd ending, [I]Darkness[/I] is surprisingly scary.

Jessie V (jp) wrote: it's better than the boat movie with melissa joan hart, but worse than sidekicks... it's like if sidekicks didn't have chuck norris. wait, i take that's worse than the melissa joan hart sailing movie.

Christophe C (ca) wrote: Un B pubon B qui fleure bon les 80s et les locations de vhs du samedi aprs-midi

M S (au) wrote: Jealousy prevails. Andy Lau shines in this film. Good story.

Sylvester K (es) wrote: A loose remake of the original, still as fun as the predecessor but lack on foundation. Some of the roles were reversed and the reason of the assault was somewhat strange but still worked. The fate of the character seemed too predictable and the twist was a little bit funny too. The cast was generally great for a low budget film, I enjoyed it nonetheless though not as shocking as the original film.

Sanjid P (br) wrote: This is an extraordinary film, very much thought provoking and deeply depressing. One of the best Shockumentary I have seen so far. This is like a troubling document from a time when the US seemed about to tip into chaos and the powers that be would have gone to unimaginable lengths to maintain their control. But what gives Punishment Park its quite substantial punch is the absolutely palpable air of paranoia that pass through in every scene. The film flips back and forth between one Corrective Group's miserable odyssey across the desert and the next Group's tribunal hearings. One of the best aspects of the film is those heated tribunal sessions."I don't have to call you what you are, you know what you are...better than I do."According to Wikipedia, Mr. Watkins allowed his cast to mostly speak their minds to each other and the cameras, and that creates a fascinating time capsule from a time & gave birth to a tale of a generation when average citizens actually cared passionately about their country and were willing to go to extreme lengths for those beliefs & doesn't care about the consequences.Of course, now, some 40 years on, it might be supposed that the political context of Punishment Park is out of date - but Watkins' film still has its relevance, as the US again & again caught in endless foreign conflicts resulted the untold horrors of US detention compounds in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking back on history reminds us of the differences and similarities between then and now, but still Punishment Park shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same.A must see for everyone.

John E (de) wrote: It's hard to say why Topaz feels less exciting than many of Hitchcock's other movies. Was he getting tired in his advancing age (70)? Was he trying something different by showing a more realistic portrayal of espionage? Hard to say, but he makes do with what he has. When there are scenes of action (the defection, the infiltration of the Cuban embassy, the death of the lover) and even when there isn't (the lunch scene comes to mind), Hitchcock's flair for dramatic, indelible style and great eye for images remains intact. But in between, there is A LOT of talking. This is most unusual for Hitchcock who famously derided those sorts of movies that are all talk, instead preferring to use images (and in this movie there are several conversations that are seen but not heard). Unlike many complaints, I did not find the movie boring and was pleased to see this often unsung side of spy work. But there are some key ingredients missing in this Hitchcock movie that mar its quality. The cast is hit and miss: some are excellent and some are borderline awful (often they're paired next to each other in the same scene) and this removed me from the movie sometimes. It's also too long and could have done with some trimming. It also is missing any sort of memorable set piece; those scenes I talked about that retain Hitch's great skill as a director are quite plain in their locations and events. This is probably in line with the film's more low-key approach to espionage, but it removes the larger-than-life quality of Hitchcock's best films. The script got worse as the movie progressed (this is a famous problem Hitchcock had to deal with-- an unplanned, off-the-cuff script). But there are more good things than bad and the scenes I listed show that Hitchcock still had some gas in the engine.

Jeremy D (it) wrote: An awkward Vietnam film that aged very poorly.

Don S (ca) wrote: This was a barely passable thriller up until the chase scene at the end. Lou Diamond Phillips and the sexy Kari Wuhrer made the run of the mill story better than it is. Then the bottom feel out in the chase scene: this old truck Lou was driving did things it should not have been able to do, and kept having a person in the passenger seat when ol' Lou was in the cab by himself. Since it is a straight crime thriller, stuff like that really throws you out of the reality of the movie. Too bad. I enjoyed it up to that point.

Liam M (us) wrote: 1.0/10A disgrace to the epic video game franchise and to all cinema everywhere, The Super Mario Bros. is an unbearable movie with so many flaws and an awful representation of the classic video game. Bowser as a human? This movie set its self up for failure and it succeeded grandly on that scale. This movie is a tragedy of cinema and could be used as a form of torture in Guantanamo Bay.