Both detectives on a sickening murder case struggle with being alone and childless in their 40s. As they investigate the young man found beaten and strangled to death, platonic friends ...

Both detectives on a sickening murder case struggle with being alone and childless in their 40s. As they investigate the young man found beaten and strangled to death, platonic friends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (us) wrote: Meh. Couldn't be bothered with this. Watched 20 minutes. Was bored. Skimmed in a bit further. Still bored. I know from reading other reviews that this movie deals with abortion as a valid choice, and it's to be applauded for that, but I just didn't like the characters and I found the movie didn't make me want to watch on. Seriously. Just meh.

James C (au) wrote: Very strange not a typical universal soldier movie. But bloody brilliant none the less!!!! Loads of great action!!!! I highly recommend it but don't go into it expecting to see soldiers frozen in ice.

Everett J (us) wrote: "The Tillman Story" is the true story of ex NFL player turned fallen Army Ranger, Pat Tillman. Told by his family and friends it's a very real and sad portrait of a family in need of answers for the death of their son. The main focus of the movie is about the coverup of his death. At first it was reported that enemy fire killed Tillman, then it became known that it was friendly fire. But the hire ups wanted to use Tillman's death as propaganda for the war going on and to become a symbol of patriotism. Turns out almost everything the media and government have said about Tillman was B.S. He was much more complex than what he was portrayed to be. The film is fascinating and will grab your attention from beginning to end. In the end your left with the family wishing to have answers, yet feeling angry over the governments lack of resolve. Unflinching and at times uncomfortable to watch, this documentary is must see. If for no other reason than to see how wrong our government system works. Especially in honoring those who have given up everything to serve our country.

Heather J (jp) wrote: Love these French movies but must agree with Laura Kern (see below-Film Comment Magazine).

Kathy H (de) wrote: Why is Israel raising its children to believe the whole world wants to hurt and kill Jews? WHY? Why does the US ADL report incidences of anti semitism that aren't anti semitism? Cui bono?

Gary S (jp) wrote: A bunch of cannibalistic loonies go on the rampage in a lunatic asylum. Darkly humerous in places. The doctor (played Ernst Roehm in "Hitler, Rise of Evil") was played really well. Seemed more mentally unbalanced than some of his patients.

Brian K (ca) wrote: I suppose you can do a lot worse when considering it is just two people talking most of he time.

Nicola W (br) wrote: Slow start but got better as it went along. I finally know how Captain America was created. Great ending!

Te S (au) wrote: It was ok, but I guessed the ending almost at the start

Alex H (ca) wrote: one of the best films out

Tony M (br) wrote: A movie that somehow passed me by or perhaps upon release I then had no experience of its topic. A wonderful and touching movie with a dash of humor sprinkled throughout. Emma Thompson at her best.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Some of Jim Carrey's strongest material is compacted into this consistently funny piece, which never lapses into periods of drabness like most comedies do. Definitely deserves to be known as one of the best comedies of its' time.

Raymond R (ru) wrote: Great movie! I want to add it to my collection. A must have for Glen Ford fans.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Post war scabs are picked off with noirish bleakness!!

Samuel D (us) wrote: A film that has the power to change the way one views the world - especially inside suburban America.

Orlando D (ru) wrote: Ingrid Pitt was the definition of sexy in this Hammer production based on the Blood Countess of Hungary Elizabeth Bathory. The story is simple, a bitter older widow(Pitt)gets blood on her by accident from her servant, it is revealed to give her a youthful appearence. The need to maintain that beauty requires virgin blood. The movie kept me entertained throughout and it was never boring. The costumes and set pieces were excellent. Pitt was wonderful in this role, the supporting players were fine in their respected roles. The ending may have not been this best ending but overall this is a pretty good film.

Joey T (gb) wrote: One of my favorite horror movies of the 80's! It's unbelievable to me that this has such a low rating on here. Curse Of Chucky has an 80% critic rating and this gets 38%. What a joke.