Account Rendered

Account Rendered

Police find that everyone had a motive for the murder of a wealthy woman.

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Chloe A (ru) wrote: 3 1/2 stars!Nice movie for the younger generation! Miley Cyrus is beautiful in this and the storyline is good too!

Ca M (br) wrote: This movie is about a high school detective solving a crime. Kinda like BRICK....but WAY BETTER!!! i thought BRICK was overacted with cheesy lines. This movie does it just right. It also brings that quirky Wes Anderson feel but not so much with the panoramic style, more so with the characters.

Ice R (it) wrote: West is great. Movie is a little off balance.

Jeremiah A (mx) wrote: no words its that amazing plz i hope they make more

Dominic C (de) wrote: I remember watching this movie on WPIX at night in the 1980s, so it was somewhat nostalgic to watch this again 20 years later. I only remembered two scenes: the worms coming out of the shower nozzle and the guy (Roger) getting devoured by 10 billion worms. There is no way to escape the B-movie quality of the film and I could not help but think how a movie like this would never have been made in the 1950s. But times changed in the 70s and we have Squirm as a result. I was wondering if I would just laugh at the movie watching it as an adult and although it has plenty of scenes where you say "Yeah right" it still held my interest and held up. A few observations: The director was obviously trying to do some type of Texas Chainsaw Massacre intro with the scrolling text and making it seem like what happeed was a real event. Although people are willing to believe that there were people in Texas eating people off of meathooks, no one in their right mind actually believes what happened in Squirm was true. It just doesn't work. The best scenes were when the worms eat Roger on the boat, when Mick discovers the fate of Rogers father, and when he gets swallowed by 9 billion worms at the end. The stupidest parts are when he crawls out of the worms and when we find out that Alma actually lived even though we saw 9 billion worms fall on her too. Mick was a good character but one wonders why he did not just run the hell away after what he saw transpiring. After all, Patty Pearce isn't all that. Completely ridiculous how he gets knocked out with a piece of plywood. Although some of the worm sounds are pretty cool, the close up of the worms squealing like butchered pigs (that is actually what the sound was that they used) is just a tad over the top. Over the top is what B-movies are all about though and although they are cheesey and campy, we like them nonetheless. Squirm fans unite! Time for me to go fishing. See my Squirm page on Facebbok.

Julien (de) wrote: This is probably one of the first movies I watched more than once.... however, I was quite young when it came out (11) and was intrigued with the fact that I didn't recognize any of the actors, so I couldn't place them in any other films. That fact made it so I could put myself in the "world of the movie" (so to speak).Well, since then, I no longer enjoy the movie as much due to the fact that it's just kind of silly, and of course Capt. Picard is in it. LOL... it was an interesting watch though when I first saw it.

Michael C (gb) wrote: A brutal reminder to the world that didn't do anything about the horrible crimes in Rwanda.

Richard N (ca) wrote: One of Peckinpah's finest. As shocking as it was controversial.