Accumulator 1

Accumulator 1

In this movie, TV sets are full of life. If a person is in TV (e.g. because it was filmed on the street) it has a double that's right in the TV set. This double needs energy from the true character to survive. Each time, the real human watches TV, his Double will pull life energy from him. So there's a mysterious Death-serial. Many persons die in front of their TV set and nobody knows why. Olda, the main character, is one of the persons, that get more and more weak. He is near death, till Fisarek, the natural healer appears. He teaches Olda how he can resist this magic force and how he can fight it.

In this movie, TV sets are full of life. If a person is in TV (e.g. because it was filmed on the street) it has a double that's right in the TV set. This double needs energy from the true ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (ru) wrote: it was ok thought it would be better!!

Heather M (au) wrote: I will not be watching this.

Xander K (jp) wrote: Convinced me. I've just become a vegan. I think this will last...

John H (au) wrote: Pretty cool little crime film that not alot of people have seen.Well written and directed by Sebastain Gutierrez,it features yet another flawless performance from the underappreciated Carla Gugino,it baffles me as to how this actress isn't a big star.Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson are somewhat bizarrely(though very successfully) cast against type and give excellent performances and it's always entertaining.A good little film.

Isaac R (kr) wrote: this movie was ok. the rating would have been lower if i have seen the first one which i didnt. Over all it was a good movie

James (br) wrote: It does feel awkward as intended & unsettling, but the overemphasis on "amateur" camerwork (why does it change to a different camera half way it its meant to be believable) should have been about a hour long. though it is pretty disturbing the 1st guinea pig movie was more so & only 45 mins long.

Ian W (au) wrote: A cracking film. Don't have to think about it. Just pop it in the dvd player and enjoy. Finishes 2nd only to the Footy Factory

Eric H (fr) wrote: The script fails completely in stirring up any emotion other than the urge to fast-forward. Which I did. Frequently.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: "Summer of Sam" has it's gruesome and thrilling murder sequences, but it gets lost in a terrible narrative with unlikeable characters that goes from being a soap opera to a soft-core porno and for the most part, ignores its most interesting and compelling character, the Son of Sam.

Braeden F (mx) wrote: Was worst than the first one

Alan B (ag) wrote: funny, Arnold plays agreat straight man for the comedy in this film.

Carolyn G (br) wrote: Still having a hard time seeing AMH as anything more than a pipsqueak. Certainly not a much sought after football player! A great cast squandered on an implausible story. I think RDJ would have made the better football player, actually.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: An 80s gem, that thrives off of the performances of Turner and Cage, as well as a dose of 1950s nostalgia.

Carlos B (br) wrote: Brillant 80's comedy gem, this baby will keep you laughing,it has some great scenes and of course some hilarious lines...just rent it and see it for yourself, if not you will be arrested...why? "Because you're breaking the law..." ha ha ha Classic line!

Cameron S (ca) wrote: Opening with the words "This film is dedicated to those who are disturbed by today's lax moral codes and who eagerly await the return of corporal and capital punishment", it would be easy to assume that Pete Walker's 'House of Whipcord' is another example of the morally astray British sexploitation of the 70s, such an assumption, however, would be wrong. What is presented here isn't another entry in the typically formulaic 'women in prison' sub-genre, but instead a politically back dropped criticism of punishment via pain.We follow Anne-Marie (Penny Irving), a French model who falls in love with a mysterious man called (wait for it) Mark E. Desade and agrees one weekend to meet his mother. Upon arrival it becomes apparent to Anne-Marie that this isn't a regular visit, and soon she finds herself captured in the only prison left that utilises capital punishment.It's needless to say that this film is grim, lacking the sense of good time excitement that usually accompanies films in the exploitation genre, and replacing it with a grim world full of sour-faced prison wardens and obnoxiously unlikable characters. Walker paints a dark picture both hypothetically and literally (annoyingly some shots are so dark you can't tell what is happening), and builds a bleak atmosphere impressively, relying on the film's overarching tone rather then visual thrills.Where the film falls apart is in its plot, which is tedious in places and descends into an extravaganza of continuity and plot issues the longer it goes on. Also on the downside is the presented acting, which ranges from absolutely awful to pretty bad. Despite its problem though 'House of Whipcord' somehow remains watchable for the extent of its runtime.

Ross L (us) wrote: It's not Godard being zany and exploratory, it's just a film about a man and his unreasonable wife who swims naked a bit. Some fine compositions, but too meta for my tastes, can't say I 'got it' like some of his other films. Lacked narrative thrust despite some attractive ideas.

Arshil P (ca) wrote: Gorgeously shot! this movie is very original and compelling with some great themes.

Alan W (de) wrote: This is a real good movie classic

Gabby N (ru) wrote: A cute and colorful movie, Hotel Transylvania has its moments but is mostly filler for the kids. A good compromise to watch with a younger relative, but I would not suggest seeking it out.

Kelly L (fr) wrote: Documents one of the shameful acts in our history, the rush to judgment of Mary Surratt in a rigged trial for all the wrong reasons. Fairly well acted but lacking the intensity such a film deserves. The execution was dramatic and almost worth watching the rest of the film. Interesting for the historical insights.