Accuracy of Death

Accuracy of Death

Kaneshiro plays a Grim Reaper who appears to his victims in human form and spends a week with them before deciding whether to off them or not.

Kaneshiro plays a Grim Reaper who appears to his victims in human form and spends a week with them before deciding whether to off them or not. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Enrique V (us) wrote: Dicen sus directores (s, son 2!) que "thriller futurista" (sic) mata ciencia ficcin... y que en el 2013 reinar el caos luego de las repercusiones de las elecciones en Mxico y la religin ser suprimida y los rebeldes sern los conservadores y religiosos para luchar contra una especie de doctor Simi que controla con sustancias qumicas a la clase trabajadora... Ya. Pueden reirse ahora s. Pero hay ms! Si les resulta confusa... esprense al falso documental que servir de precuela en el 2012 para, posteriormente, terminar con la parte final de la triloga quizs en el 2015 si la taquilla se los permite. Tengo miedo. Mucho miedo.

Brandy R (de) wrote: The coolest movie ever

Ray S (de) wrote: A major letdown from the first film. Manipulative to the extreme and Gerard Depardieu's compelling character has been replaced by his boring and ridiculous supermodel/goat-herder daughter.

Nick E (au) wrote: Poor but for some reason I can't stop watching it. If it wasn't for Clint I doubt I'd have seen the end of it

James M (ag) wrote: A feelgood coming-of-age tale disguised as a cycling movie. Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern & Jackie Earle Haley are a group of friends in-between high school and further education in an Indiana college town populated mostly by students who dub the townsfolk 'cutters'.Dennis Christopher is obsessed with cycling, living and breathing it, and his heroes are the Italian cycling team. He makes enemies of the college's cycling team when he starts to date one of their girlfriends and the movie culminates in a race between the college team and the 'cutters'.The movie is a little stuck in it's own time and takes a little while to get going, but the screenplay has some good subtle humour and well-natured characters. Winner of the 1979 Oscar for Original Screenplay.

Eyal D (es) wrote: Funny how from today's perspective such an old fashioned piece of high gloss melodrama must have seemed so ahead of its time back in 1959. Given that Tennessee Williams collaborated with Gore Vidal to adapt his own one act play, it's fascinating (if not shocking) that the topic of homosexuality, the very core of SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER, is conveyed most implicitly. And yet the film can nonetheless be deemed so daring for its time. For this glossy, black & white cinematic 'presentation' of the play, the film has been honoured with such high end pedigree that it not only features three bona fide stars in the likes of Taylor, Hepburn and Clift but had scored Mankiewicz as its director, who at the time was a Hollywood visionary of the highest esteem, nearly a decade after his ALL ABOUT EVE scored Oscar Gold. Truthfully though, SLS is not much more than a play delivered on the silver screen platter (not unlike many films from this period). Allowed to chew the scenery in their own special way, depending whom you ask, Hepburn outshines Taylor's typical (at times, hysterical) theatrics by being regal about every biting line that she spews out with carefully planted nuances. This leaves Clift to be the only calm presence, with just enough subtlety to allow the film a dose of reality. And that's saying a lot here. Ultimately the film, even if shamelessly treacle, must be recognized for tackling such a hot-button, taboo topic and allowing a major studio to finance it using the best ensemble of talent to convey its message to a wide audience.

William W (fr) wrote: One of the greatest, saddest yet most uplifting films ever made, if that makes any sense. A masterpiece if ever there was one. See it, or see it again, as soon as you possibly can. Had Kurosawa only made this film, his legend as a superb filmmaker would still have been validated.

Mubari S (de) wrote: Severely underrated movies.