On the surface Henrik and Nina Christofferson are an ordinary family living happily. But they have a problem. Their daughter, Stine, a difficult 14 year old, has a habit of telling lies in class. When Stine accuses her father of sexual abuse, and is believed by seemingly eager social workers, their family is thrust into crisis. Could Henrik have done it? And when Stine prepares to return home, the ugly side of family life is exposed.

On the surface Henrik and Nina Christofferson are an ordinary family living happily. But they have a problem. Their daughter, Stine, a difficult 14 year old, has a habit of telling lies in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey C (br) wrote: Wasn't expecting much and this was better than those expectations. Jason is, uh, Jason. Jessica is still hot. The action scenes are fine. This is a movie for guys who like movies when it's not football season.

Dave J (us) wrote: Thursday, December 5, 2013 (2012) Pressed THRILLER Co- written, co-produced and directed by Justin Donnelly directing yet an unsatisfying strictly-by-the book with no new surprises straight-to-rental movie regarding spontaneous circumstances starring Luke Goss as Brian who's just gotten the boot from his previous job something to do with advertising. Afraid to notify his wife about it, Brian decides to sulk his sorrows by drinking at a bar only to find out that one of his old school chums happens to be the owner of the bar he was drinking in. To lift Brian's spirits up he offers him a gambling deal of a sure thing by tripling his money for him from 500 dollars to 5,000. Feeling so high and mighty, Brian then scrounges up a hundred grand of his own money, only to find out later that his bar owner friend was intending to invest it into the drug trade. And everything goes downhill from here as soon as a couple of precocious teenagers stole the charger where the hundred grand was stored in. Take my word for it, things really do get worst from here and they don't get any better. You know, if you're a frequent newspaper and magazine reader, and news watcher, you would very well know that whatever 'negative' happens in this film is the kind of stuff people read and hear about all the time, so why do we need to watch it as a movie one might ask. It's because there's still an audience for these type of movies where they're many 'narrow minded' people who chose to not keep themselves inform about what is happening in today's society, and rather tweet, twitter and gossip with users on facebook with perfect strangers and don't seem to care about anything else. The thing is that not everything that is shown on the news is a sad story often stereotypically suggested. Also they're hundreds of better films that almost uses this exact same scenario which makes one to wonder whether or not the makers/ writers of this movie came up with the story by reading it from some article, or had seen someone else doing a better job of it. Bomb

ME K (de) wrote: Two handkercheifs. Emotionally rewarding. Without a carchase, nor a bulletshot, a wonderful human, humane story. Sigourney Weaver has never been better. nor has she been more beautiful.

Ian C (au) wrote: Woods and Dennehy star in a different type of 80's buddy movie. The two leads have great chemistry and both equally define the balls.

Tanner M (ru) wrote: A fun cheesy 80's slasher movie! I had a general good time watching this movie. It is very entertaining, and never once boring. It keeps a good pace so script wise nothing's wrong. On the other hand the acting was fine until an actor had to be scared then it looks like they just pooped themselves in public. The filming was acceptable, and the "Famous" twist ending was a little easy to guess. One problem I have is how 80's this movie is. I know that's the time period but my goodness. It's hard to look at short-shorts all the time. So overall this movie is good with its tacky kills and good laughs. Define toy whatch it if your a horror fan!

Mark A (es) wrote: Excellent acting and well written dialogue but the limited plot development and static settings limit it.

Eileen D (fr) wrote: watching right now!!!!!one of my fav movies!!!!