Ace High

Ace High

After Cacopoulos manages to save himself from being hung on a false charge, he robs Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy of a lot of money and steals their horses. This results in a merry chase and Stevens and Bessy become unwilling allies in Cacopoulus' revenge against the people who deserted him and framed him to get their money back.

After Cacopoulos (Eli Wallach) manages to save himself from being hung on a false charge, he robs Cat Stevens (Terrence Hill) and Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer) of a lot of money and steals ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Krystal T (gb) wrote: Between the two movies this one was my least favorite. However, I really appreciated how the 2nd movie try to stay true with the events that took place in the book. If you have not read the books I believe you will enjoy this movie.

Andrew W (kr) wrote: very original and full of voilent action and nicly placed placed jump scares. it has a sense of 80s horror and cheap 80s gore put into a modern horror film

Andrew B (ru) wrote: If it weren't for Bernie, this would certainly be the best true crime tragicomedy about a gay man living in Texas, that simultaneously most certainly did the crime he was prosecuted for and was also the victim of the story, where the main actor is mainly known for his wacky comedy roles but takes an impressive dramatic turn, that I've seen in the past few years.After roughly the first 15 minutes or so the over the top humor is mostly toned down for a surprisingly touching, and topical story about identity, the American dream, and even the failures of the prison system. For a movie that I assumed would be an hour and a half of Jim Carrey falling down stairs and having exaggerated gay sex, I was impressed.

Dan S (gb) wrote: A celebrated but ultimately really overrated cult hit concerning a few stoners sleazing away in New York City, and how one of them (Harland Williams) is put in jail on trumped up charges, and how his buddies (Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz) decide it is up to them to raise the money through dealing to bail him out. Meanwhile, Thurgood (Chappelle) meets a woman and struggles to keep her from finding out that he smokes a lot. It starts out likable and entertaining but ultimately becomes super predictable while only supplying a couple laughs here and there. In the end, it really is not worth your time, although you do see signs of Chappelle's genius from a young age, but this should have been maybe an extended SNL skit and that's about it, not an hour and a half movie.

Orlando D (de) wrote: Vamp is more or less a horror remake of Martin Scorcese's brilliant and manic After Hours. Here, College students(Chris Makepeace, who resembles a young Mel Gibson before he went batshit crazy and Robert Rusler, from Nightmare On Elm Street 2.) who must get a stripper for their frat party. What starts out a great evening out til the sun goes down proves to be a comedy of errors for one and the death of the other who becomes the undead courtesy of Grace Jones, who has very little dialogue and scenes and it's a shame cause she has amazing screen presence that this film needs.The dancing sequences by the dancers/vampires is so stilted, it makes Demi Moore's dancing in Striptease a winner for Dancing With the Stars. Not a great film by any means and not scary but it is so entertaining that you enjoy this film for flaws and all.

Carlos M (fr) wrote: This charming classic may be the very first screwball comedy of Cinema, a funny, amusing and optimistic movie with a deliciously sharp dialogue and wonderful performances from Gable and Colbert, who have a great onscreen chemistry together.

David H (br) wrote: I love this 70's French Crime Movies and this one is extraordinary specteculat Alain Delon as a Ex-Bank Robber who get released from Jail after 10 Years and a Social Worker who try to help him to found back into Civil Life and he found a new Girlfriend everything seems perfect but the Mean Cop who arrested him then stalk and harrass him everywhere he goes and drive him back into Old Behaviours until he kills the Cop and get executed on the Guilotine (Which is such a Barbarism) that's one Thing i love on French Movies the Cops are often the Bad Ones and the Deep Critism on the own System

Steven F (gb) wrote: Between Sound of Music and this for greatest musical of all time!