Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

He's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. Whether he's undercover, under fire or underwater, he always gets his man . . . or beast!

Ace Ventura Pet Detective is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. With the Super Bowl only two weeks away, will Ace be able to find Snowflake and the missing athletes in time to salvage the big game? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/4/2013)

Brandon O (nl) wrote: Shows a strong example of How cruel the British are to their former colonies.

Allan C (fr) wrote: John Milius tells his heroic version of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, which Milius depicts as an eclectic fighting force made up of cowboys, "wild injuns," professional soldiers, polo pony riding Harvard boys, football players, policemen, and IRS men. Milius tells the story of America's first all volunteer cavalry with his usual gusto and ends up crafting one of his best films. I only wish this film had the scope of Milius' "Wind and the Lion" instead of being relegated to a basic cable made for TV film, but despite it's Turner Network origin, the film does feel as grandious as any Milius film (even if it didn't have the budget). There a great cast, crackling dialogue, but what I think I took away most was that Sam Elliott, playing Capt. Bucky O'Neill, was born to deliver lines written by John Milius. I really wish he'd become part of the Milius stock company of actors earlier in his carer rather than on his last film as a director. God, I wish Milius had been able to get more films made!

Caleb N (ca) wrote: Competently entertaining farce has a fine cast headed by Dudley Moore. It's not "A Fish Called Wanda," but it'll do.

Nataa L (de) wrote: Policeman: Occupation?Professor: Associate professor of history.Policeman: That(TM)s too long. I(TM)ll just put down clerk.

Richard V (ru) wrote: Buckets of fun, with Sid James playing very close to straight...and more worryingly, so is Kennth Williams. A fun film, tightly filmed and with a sense of fun and some great moments...and, in a rarity for Carry On, a soft heart rather than just a happy one. Guaranteed to leave you smiling.

Brad S (br) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this rare comedy from Hitchcock. It looked amazing in HD, and is quite funny. This film marked the debut of Shirley MacLaine and feature a very young Jerry Matthers (aka"Beaver"). Check it out!

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