Three Girls. One Summer. No Limit. Three beautiful and brilliant college students, Brooke (Lacey Toups), Elle (Christina Morris), and Pieti (Sheena Chou) find a lucrative way to put their mathematical skills to the test: high-stakes poker.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
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  • Keywords:poker,   girl power,  

Three beautiful and brilliant college students, Brooke (Lacey Toups), Elle (Christina Morris), and Pieti (Sheena Chou) find a lucrative way to put their mathematical skills to the test: high-stakes poker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil H (mx) wrote: It seems Hollywood is intent on making pointless remakes and sequels to movies that in way require them. The days of stand alone movies appear to be gone as literally anything can get a sequel no matter what. It doesn't even matter how the original movie ended, they will still try to wangle something out of it. Case in point, 2003 black comedy 'Bad Santa', a devilishly wicked little affair that was somewhat original and gave adults something to giggle over after the kids had gone to bed. Did this movie need a sequel? No, it was a clear stand alone movie, plain and simple, yet here we are.Believe it or not but the plot to this movie once again revolves around our protagonist Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) getting into a Santa outfit, the hell you say. Believe it or not but the plot also requires Willie's old partner in crime, Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox), to also once again join him as an elf so they can pull off a heist. Said heist simply revolves around trying to rob a charity organisation in Chicago. The only major difference with this movie is they have Willie's mother Sunny (Kathy Bates) to help them.So Willie and Marcus are going to attempt to steal all the loot from within the office of this charity organisation. Obviously in order to get into this office they are gonna need to scout around, get the lay of the land and eventually break in somehow. So what does that mean? why lots and lots of profanity, sexual acts and the usual double crossing of course. Seriously this movie has clearly gone all out to simply be more outrageous and disgusting than the original...for no real reason it seems. I don't have an issue with this if it actually made any real sense to the plot. Take Willie for instance, an alcoholic, malnourished, dirty bum with nothing to his name, yet he still manages to get handjobs from busty blondes and sex from the sexy female charity organiser (the one he's trying to steal from). Like I realise this is a dumb comedy but come on now, why would these women be attracted to this guy when he's made out to be so disgusting.Then you have Marcus, who virtually does nothing for the entire run time other than swear and look sorry for himself. Its bloody obvious this guy is still mad at Willie from the first movie and its bloody obvious he's gonna try and screw Willie over. But this guy has nothing to do here, he's merely there for size and sexual innuendo gags. OK sure he was doing the same shit in the first movie but that was the first movie. In fact I felt sorry for the guy because this time he gets turned down by a curvy lady who ends up fucking Willie! (apparently this guy is some kind of low life, homeless sexual magnet). Thurman Merman is back again too (couldn't leave this guy out) although I don't know why. Much like Marcus he does nothing for the run time (even less than Marcus), he only seems to be here again to offer redemption for Willie's character right at the end.The best thing about this movie has to be Kathy Bates as Willie's old mum Sunny. Now even though this characters inclusion is utterly groan inducing in its lack or originality, predictability and tired old cliches, I can't deny it worked to a degree. Bates fits into this role like a glove, she looks like pure overweight white trash and then some. On the other hand, when she cleans and dresses up to play Santa's wife with Willie for a gig, she looks absolutely perfect for that too. The perfect white haired old granny and the perfect leather clad biker bitch from hell! Bates is clearly having a ball letting loose here and she almost saves the film, if it wasn't for the fact that her character is so damn obvious.[i]'I smoked two packs of menthol a day, washed it down with a layer of this gin, and I could still fill this shot glass with this man's jizz'[/i]This movie is desperately short on plot and way too high on filth, its almost as if they were doing it for shock value. It wouldn't be so bad if any of it were actually amusing but most of it is either outright disgusting or plain childish. Everything and anything you could possibly imagine being seedy is in this movie, having anal sex in a dark dirty alley, your mother talking about all kinds of sexual stuff, masturbation, seeing people on the toilet, slutty girls, drunken brawls, being generally rude about fat people, casual racism, misogyny etc...Even the parts where the plot kicks into gear its incredibly stupid. Like how did they rob that mansion without ever being spotted? And could the finale be anymore flippin' predictable!!All in all this was a major miscalculation if you ask me. Yes its kinda amusing to see a drunk dishevelled Billy Bob Thornton in a Santa outfit giving little kids the beady-eye and a mouthful as they take turns sitting on his knee (easily the best part), but that's literally it. Sure its kinda amusing to see Kathy Bates acting like a cock hungry slut, swearing like a sailor whilst looking like a butch dyke, but it wears thin after the initial laughs. I won't lie and say the sex scenes didn't arouse me slightly (some good fantasy scenes in there). But I also can't deny that in the end this movie did leave me actually feeling dirty, like I needed to have a shower. A case of trying to milk the last drop of money out of a franchise? Or simply giving Thornton some much needed work? Probably both.[i]'Flouting? I never sucked jizz out of nobody's ass!'[/i]

Michael C (fr) wrote: great comedy/drama movie with a a really good plot, good script and superb acting.

Indu R (it) wrote: A good action thriller. Mark Wahlberg was good on the movie and I liked the plot.

Harrison W (es) wrote: Good. That ending sure scared me. Jack Black stole the film, kind of unsurprisingly. I thought Nicole Kidman did great. Lots to figure out in this movie, and I felt like I probably missed a lot because of that--I spent the first 20 minutes figuring out everyone's name and relationship.

JohnMark G (gb) wrote: Quite a funny flick about 80'd music - re NKOTB! Nice stuff!

Frank W (it) wrote: funny movie, " What a drag, pun intended"

rur B (de) wrote: It is shit, but at least its more faithful to the source material then that shitty Matthew Broderick flick.

Blke W (au) wrote: Laurel Canyon (2002)Directed by: Lisa CholodenkoR, 1 hr. 41 min.Release Date: March 7, 2003 A mildly amusing rom com drama with a little more sexual perversion than one would/was expecting, though not even half one would find given a similar senerio. Its funny given the serious undertones of everyday life`s interaction with partners, parents, workmates and strangers (separating plot view points well enough ... for two) when lust, resilience and wild walks of life interact under one roof.Christian Bale and partner "Underworld's" Kate Beckinsale, both conservitive interlectual professionals, intend to house sit for a romantic term at a studio converted house/mansion owned by his Mum at a outer suburban L.A. Hilltop communbity, thought to vacant for their stay. A lot of through traffic keep it a busy place and the two find the house turns out to be a popular one too. The muso manager/producer mum is there recording with a band day in day out. As they agree to get a place of their own in no time, curiosity and fantasy come into real life play for the two as boundry`s are defined/crossed and upheld.

Steve G (gb) wrote: Ghost lady was pretty freaky.Possessed performance by Phoenix. There are potential allegories here, but not enough of a narrative to allow it any force.

Robyn M (ag) wrote: winona's tired of her mothers bad judgements effecting her life, obsessed with the lord, worrying about sinister lifestyle may shame her. Cher(the mother) keeps reminding her: "your jewish". Has sex appeal, and makes it quiet clear shes a fool for love, her youngest daughter played by Chirstina Ricci has a soft approach holding everyone together, she's hope to a broken family, with the dream of being the best swimming diver. everyone has a story. what a perfect epic.

Ryan V (au) wrote: Lawrence Tierney is best known for playing the crime boss in 1992's Resevoir Dogs, but his title role in 1945's Dillinger is what put him on the map. The film, which traces John Dillinger's life of crime with more accuracy than usual, was a cheaply produced B-movie that ended up becoming a surprise hit. It's not in the same league as earlier gangster classics like Public Enemy or Scarface, but Tierney's capable grasp on menace helps to make Dillinger into a moderately entertaining crime movie.

Bill T (ca) wrote: Pretty good compilation here of horror stories, some are better then others. The best is Jack Palance as a really obsessed Poe fanatic, and a hilarious tale of a possessed piano, and the other two are just ok, one being of a man who takes over the estate of a deceased uncle and, yes, a demonic cat, and the other, a very woodenly acted piece of what makes celebrities so youngish looking. So a mixed bag here, found it dragging more often then not though.

Hillary M (fr) wrote: Not my favourite Bette Davis movie but solid watch none the less. A good story.

Panayiota K (nl) wrote: I can't believe i had to watch a stupid western just to enjoy a bit of Montgomery Clft. I mean who cares about an old cowboy and his cows in the middle of nowhere? Plus John Wayne spoke in the same tone and facial expression in all his scenes, and the fight scene was anticlimactic.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Astro Boy (David Bowers, 2009)I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get round to writing a few words about Astro Boy, which I watched a while back and quite enjoyed; I should mention right up front that I haven't read the manga on which the film is based, so I can't give you an exhaustive list of differences or anything like that. I just took it as a stand-alone movie, and a pretty darned cute one at that.Bowers (Flushed Away) gives us a far-future tale where Earth has become a wasteland, and the surviving humans live in Metro City, a tamed asteroid that revolves moon-like around the planet's surface. As we open, Dr. Tenma (voice of Nicolas Cage), a well-respected, but slightly cracked, scientist (and, as a side note, the protagonist of Osamu Tezuka's smash hit manga Monster), is living in Metro City with his son Toby (voice of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Freddie Highmore). After Toby loses his life in an accident with a Tenma-created mech gone rogue, Tenma deovtes his talents to creating an android version of Toby. Long story short: he succeeds, but he cannot bring himself to think of the android as his son, so he asks his associate Dr. Elefun (voice of Hot Fuzz' Bill Nighy) to shut Toby down-just after Toby has discovered a whack of superhuman powers that have also brought him to the attention of the military. Toby, trying to avoid all comers, finds himself on Earth, an unwitting mediator between a group of outcast children who work as part-scavengers in the mountainous scrap-heaps of robot parts that now dot the earth's surface, and a group of misfit mechs who call themselves the Robot Revolutionary Front. The two groups are at odds over the kids' employer, Hamegg. The RRF claim Hamegg destroys robots, while Hamegg claims he's sending the kids out to scavenge parts so he can make robots whole again. And then there's Cora (voice of Pulse's Kristen Bell), the head of Hamegg's group of scavengers, who keeps trying to contact her family in Metro City...It's cute, it's very well-animated, it's got a top-notch voice cast (including eleven words from Samuel L. Jackson). How can you go wrong? Of course, I could probably answer that question by reading the manga, but for what it is, I found it very enjoyable. You probably missed this in the theaters-it was considered a flop, making only half of its $40 mil budget back on the big screen-so give it a go now. You won't regret it. *** 1/2

Jamie C (it) wrote: Pretty Good Movie :)