Achanurangatha Veedu

Achanurangatha Veedu

Samuel, who has three daughters, loses his wife at an early stage of his married life. He faces several hardships in dealing with the plight of each daughter.

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Rissa G (kr) wrote: It was merely alright. Not terrible, but the only thing really holding this fairly mundane script up were the solid performances of its stars.

Laimis Z (de) wrote: it could be shorter. this interesting, and at times even entertaining doc explains how media companies create&manipulate celebrity culture. a mandatory watch. oh, and watch out for the (funny) segment on lithuania. its official. we r starsuckers! go, valinskas!

Xander K (nl) wrote: Well, you know. Aliens. Old guys. One liners. It's all there!

Okkay W (ca) wrote: Being a huge fan of TMBG I am obviously biased but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! I admit that if you are not a TMBG fan you probably aren't going to be as impressed with it (though if you are not a fan I am not sure why you would want to see it.) I don't know that it would necessarily win new fans but it does seem to have what is needed to make those who are already fans happy. Long live the Johns!Also, of great value to fans is the DVD extras which include some old promos and music videos and things. Quite a nice little treasure trove of TMBG-ness!

Akira J (mx) wrote: Planet Terror was random and ridiculous, it tend to be a bit confusing but the action and the interaction between characters was great. And props to Rodriguez for not using too much cg. 2.5out of 5 in my book.Death Proof was a straight up slasher, just with awesome cars. I liked death proof more, maybe because it was simple and quick. Wish there was a proper explanation for the killer's motif though. Also this is one of those movies where the "good guys" are also scumbags so it's really hard to root for a side. 2.5 out of 5 stars in my book.Together with all the fake trailers, grain and theater cards, this movie emulates a classic theater style which plays on one's nostalgia of those days but the grain effect and the missing reel that cuts a chunk of a movie is exaggerated in my opinion. 3 out of 5 Stars total in my book.

Ken T (jp) wrote: As with part two...They should have stopped at the first one. This one was so retarded, I couldn't finished and I tried twice"

Peter E (gb) wrote: I felt it was an allegory of Nazi Germany, made even more poignant as a result of the time and place of the setting. It has a dream like stagey feel that I think suits the seriousness of the content.

Jake R (ru) wrote: It's been a good 10 years since I last saw this. To be honest, the movie as a whole hasn't aged very well, though the animated portions of the film are like sweet sweet wine. The characters in these scenes easily out-act their painfully embarassing live-action counterparts, too. Now if they could just ditch the songs...

Matt M (ca) wrote: A high school sensitive loner falls in love with one of the most popular girls in school. A weaker John Hughes production about eighties youth culture angst and problems of the heart with a tired plot and caricatural representations.

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Elgan D (gb) wrote: Astutely paced telling of the true life crimes of the titular location. Both Attenborough and Hurt put in noteworthy performances.