Achmed Saves America

Achmed Saves America

From the inventive mind of Jeff Dunham comes the first animated movie starring the world’s most beloved, failed bad guy. Get ready to see Achmed the Dead Terrorist like you’ve never seen him before! In Achmed Saves America, the Little Skeleton That Couldn’t unexpectedly finds himself in Americaville, USA. There, Achmed is mistaken as a French exchange student while he bumblingly plots to destroy the town and all its “infidels.” But when exposed to the sweet things in life, including all-you-can-eat buffets and frozen yogurt, Achmed’s campaign of hate turns into a patriotic all-American lovefest.

When dead terrorist Achmed pays Americaville a visit, he is excited with the idea of exploding the town and all of its "infidels". But when he is offered to eat a special yogurt, his terrorist plan turns into a patriotic one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AD V (es) wrote: Labeled as a a black comedy it falls flat on its face. It's not funny or gory or even very interesting. Dameon Clarke helps pass the time with a strong, likeable performance and I have a feeling his name will start popping up more often but that still doesn't make it worth sitting through. I kinda felt like I was watching a cross between Dexter and The Office so maybe fans of those would it enjoy it and would explain why I didn't since I can't stand either show.

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Ethan B (kr) wrote: Satire films are difficult to review. Do we judge them simply based on how well-written the jokes are? Or how good the story is? Already, they have to be given a handicap because there are some aspects of ordinary film that, by nature, they usually don't possess--like character depth or a traditional narrative.But on top of it all, they're supposed to be funny. And while this one may not be laugh-out-loud for everyone, it definitely has its moments. The style of humor is consistent. It never tries to be something it's not. And for those who enjoy its irreverence, they will get a lot out of this one.Wet Hot American Summer takes place on the last day of camp, during the summer of 1981. But instead of it being about the campers, it's about the counselors and how they all try to make the best of their final 24 hours.With a cast that reads off more like a very odd Garry Marshall holiday-themed film, one would think that this was the comedy event of the year (consisting of Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Molly Shannon, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Ian Black, A.D. Miles, et al). But unfortunately, most of the talents went underutilized and nobody gets nearly enough screen time. And despite this being a summer camp themed movie, there are not a lot of archetypes. The characters are all pretty much the same type of stupid, with not much varying in personalities. There are some really clever bits, but it's mostly just a massive compilation of jokes without any real overarching linearity. It resembles some sort of modern-day Airplane! but even Airplane! had us invested in how it would end.But oddly enough, the movie's best moments all involve the kids in some way--although the film is meant to be about the counselors. And the highlight is the penultimate scene at the End of Summer Talent Show, where we are treated to an MC that echoes a demented Henny Youngman. As much as I laughed, I was hoping this movie would be something a little different. With not a lot of good coming-of-age summer camp movies out there to choose from, Wet Hot American Summer misses an opportunity to really touch upon the nostalgia of going to camp. There are some really great scenes and story arcs that it doesn't capitalize on. As a former camper-turned-counselor, a lot of my own memories from growing up happened at camp, and I just wish that the filmmakers weren't so concerned with making it a satire. It's not like there's some overindulgence of these type of films for a satire to be warranted. It has the ingredients of a really great, meaningful film, but sacrifices this for the sake of irreverent jokes--albeit a few, I admit, I laughed at.Twizard Rating: 68

Hugh R (kr) wrote: This movie is terrible and digusting beyond any hope of being entertaining or funny.Let's see;Minotaur graphically butt-rapes a slave boy? CheckChild molestation by drug addled puppet/wizard? CheckGenitalia-less troll running around nude? CheckDoes it get worse from there? CheckAnd let's not forget the horrible British accents, bodily function jokes, pratfalls, and other items that may sound like they were going to be funny in a Monty Python kind of way but won't even make you laugh in discomfort. When a movie like this comes out it is obviously meant, in at least a small way, to be a parody. The "Fantasy" genre is ripe with clichs that just ache to be lampooned and, when done well, you can get an amazing comedy with wit and attention to detail. What this movie did was take the mind of a drunken and lonely middle-school pervert and marry it to swords and sorcerers. When this concept was pitched I bet the studio executives had no idea that this was what the writer really had in mind. When fans heard Natalie Portman and James Franco they figured there was a chance of funny if only to laugh at how bad they were for the parts. They certainly did not expect stories of children jerking off a wizard and Zooey Deschanel trying to devour a severed Minotaur penis. I mean, I didn't expect to be rolling on the floor laughing, but I at least thought we would see a competent attempt at comedy.Crude comedy is one thing, but this movie should never have been made. This was a cheap excuse to put bad ideas in a bad movie and collect a big paycheck. In a film like this the characters need to play it straight and avoid over acting and "nudging" the audience to see if they get it. This was more like being smacked in the face with a dead fish and then having the fish smell described to you...for 90 minutes.

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