Three teens blackmail a serial killer into helping them get rid of a violent bully.

Three teenagers blackmail a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren B (it) wrote: The music is amazing, odiously, because it's Metallica! The story within it is strange, but good. I'll watch anything that Metallica has anything to do with.

Jamie P (nl) wrote: I laughed my butt off during this whole movie! There are spoofs of the paranormal genre but this is the funniest! I'll definitely watch it again soon.

Courts T (es) wrote: the trailer looks good but I would like to see the full movie and its not on any movie sites not even Netflix !! I would like to see the the full movie sorry but it's only a star rating of 2 ...

Tonya W (es) wrote: This was a sweet family movie that we really enjoyed. It has a great ending. As for language, one of the boys does occassionally use some foul words that he has obviously picked up from his alcoholic father. Other than that, it is adorable.

Zachary C (ca) wrote: Garbage. Absolute Garbage.

Armando P (au) wrote: Bad movie but great memories.

Ryan D (gb) wrote: Quite fun for what it is: a time travel cop capper with JCVD. Yep, you read that right. I had more fun with the plot than I expected (perhaps I could suspend disbelief better than others).

dan b (it) wrote: Grace Jones was the original vampire-stripper and boy was she creepy. Fans of From Dusk To Dawn should check this one out.

Tim B (us) wrote: Broad characters and an unusual post war plot, take you to an unexpected resolution. Although the movie is over the top many times, Gable and Garson are as always, fun to watch. I thought their chemistry was fine although others have thought differently. With a great supporting cast this a classic example of this genre of film and well worth your time.