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Acratas torrent reviews

Bill R (kr) wrote: don't understand why the critics don't enjoy this. watching it and giving the viewer a well acted, creepy movie that is effective for the genre. granted there is a few issues with it but just roll with the movie and you'll enjoy it. suspense brought the creepiness up, the scares are done good and during the film I was expecting total dark and morbidness. a nice watch for a rainy day scare.

Chu T (mx) wrote: The tempo of this movie is good and made everyone excited. However, I think the storyline is too complicated while comparing with overheard 1.

Ippei K (au) wrote: A different kind of "samurai" is depicted here and while solid, the movie is fairly unspectacular. The performances all around are impressive but you come to expect this level in a Japanese-period drama. Good mix of humour and drama, and flows relatively well, but it's the kind of movie that you'll forget immediately after you see it. Good while it lasts...I guess.

Andrea G (jp) wrote: A critical look at the role international denial of foreign aid has on Haiti, and in particular former president Aristide. The most recent denial of foreign aid (over 3 consecutive years) builds on over 200 years of embargos and financial manipulation by external forces, since Haiti fought to become the first free country in 1804, challenging the hypocrisy present in the Enlightenment which called for freedom for the bourgeoisie in France, but kept quiet on slavery in the colonies. A must see movie!

Anthony C (es) wrote: Somewhat interesting to start... them gets really sleepy.

Jessica H (it) wrote: Cox is more interesting when she is making you laugh, but it doesn't help this film.

Rhonda Y (de) wrote: nice cattle ranching movie

Rick Q (gb) wrote: william holden and kim novak are really great actors, but their charm and potential is wasted on a weak script with some of the corniest film dialogue of the 1950s.

Mike S (jp) wrote: I have very mixed feelings for this film. On the plus side, it's an innovative, intellectually funny relationship film. On the negative side, it beat Star Wars for Best Picture at the Oscars for 1977. It's a good film, probably one of Woody Allen's best, but in retrospect, it's not as good as Star Wars.Roughly, this is the story of a relationship and what Allen's character Alvy learns from it. It's almost entirely dialogue-driven, with little or no actual plot action. That dialogue, however, is fast and witty, even by today's standards. Told out of sequence and with various asides directly to the audience, this film finds new ways to inform the viewers what Alvy is feeling. There is a split-screen scene where two families in different locations talk to each other about their respective offspring. There's an animated scene that serves as a transition between settings.I found, 40 years later, that the energy dwindles in the second half. It seems as if Allen couldn't find a way to wrap it up, so it just peters out. I recall that Annie's fashion sense was very influential in the late '70s, but it's hard to say that the film's visual style overall was as enduring.

Kelly K (ru) wrote: This movie can be a wake up call to us girls who are dating and just can't seem to meet Mr. Right. It really points out the obvious signs women are missing in dating and relationships. Worth seeing at least once.

Mark M (mx) wrote: Enjoyed this 3 parter as they're all very good actors and it's an intriguing storyline.

Carol S (fr) wrote: I enjoyed Swordfish. It had a fresh plot with neato plot twists. Even the cliches and gratuitous sex was entertaining. The special effects were AWESOME. Sometimes you can enjoy movies without intellectually dissecting it. I mean, who can break through the Dept of Defense's security in 62 seconds. Reality suspended quite nicely thank you very much.