Across the Frontiers

Across the Frontiers


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:English
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Across the Frontiers torrent reviews

John M (ru) wrote: Better than it sounds. So this is about a young man (Paul Dano) who is shipwrecked by himself on an island. He is literally at the end of the rope when a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) washes up on shore. By finding impractical uses for the dead body, he is able to start making the journey back to civilization. Now I knew about the premise to this, and Swiss Army Man's reputation proceeds itself; if you have heard about this movie before, you probably know it as the farting corpse movie. That infamy may force you into forming a few assumptions about this film, and while that plot item does certainly play a large part to the actual story of this, it is so much more than just that. Now I don't think I've seen all that many survival comedies before, so there is a novelty to this. I love how this isn't afraid to get weird, although you may have already guessed that about a story where a dead body is a main character. Not only does this corpse speak with and interact with our lead character, he's also got personality as well. It's almost like he is an adult toddler: curious, and constantly asking the incessant question "why" to obvious everyday tasks. He's also got no filter or measure of what is appropriate and what's not, so this leads to many a humorous conversation. Eventually, though, you will be forced to ask yourself the following question: how much of this is taking place in our protagonist's head and how much is occurring in real life? This is a two man show, and both Dano and Radcliffe breathe a ton of life into this strange little story. It gets silly to be sure, as there is cross-dressing, farting and erection compasses, but it's also oddly artistic as well. At its core it has got this sad little indie story to tell, and it ends up having a whole lot of heart. Swiss Army Man is well edited and put together, and it is a unique overall package that I can recommend to most.

Dave S (es) wrote: Romero gives an entertaining and insightful interview about his film Night of the Living Dead, one of the most successful geurilla films produced. Loved how he managed to get the townfolk of Evans City involved, including the police department, in on cameos as the walking dead.

i C (br) wrote: 5/10Revenge Movie is a misleading, cause it really isnt. its not like bourne-chase, its a quiet chase, with motorcycle and best friend driving through the american west, visit family and making some money. Every 10 min starts a country song, pretty landscape pictures, instagram filters. Very few actions scenes, should be mentioned, because the description of the movie is misleading. Not a bad debut and its not a bad movie but also nothing special

Jose C (mx) wrote: Funny AFGood musicNice actingKinda repeated a few things from first movie

Lashella H (br) wrote: The drama was very shocking to me, really good movie.

CAROL H (de) wrote: Sounds quite strange from write up on this, but might be worth seeing. Be interested to read any reviews on this one.

Claudia N (it) wrote: potentially one of my favorite movies... a beautiful film about communism

Reynard J (ru) wrote: Haha si Jackie Chan dan Si Sammo Hung lagi.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's a new and exciting aviation technology for Hollywood to use as a fresh theme, although the production itself is fairly standard. It has less impact value now than I imagine it would have had at the time.

Lewis H (fr) wrote: "Chernobyl diaries" has all the ingredients for a great horror film: a great premise, location and idea but it somehow manages to be one of the worst films I've ever seen. The acting is hammy and unnatural, the effects are unrealistic and the plot is hopelessly clich.This could've been a masterpiece of independent cinema if it was directed by someone who had any artistic integrity.Sometimes a film, like Halloween III, is so bad that its actually a tiny bit enjoyable but, "Chernobyl Diaries" has none of that appeal. If you are looking for a good horror film, I implore you to stay away from this movie at all costs.

Natalie D (kr) wrote: Probably my all-time favourite comedy

Jamie I (gb) wrote: Jeremy Piven makes a great illusionist though the movie doesn't focus on that one bit. I could recommend this movie for the five minutes Jason Bateman graces the screen. Hairy eyeball included. I could recommend this movie for good cop Ryan Reynolds. Or just for Ryan Reynolds. I wouldn't recommend this movie for the 30+ minutes of excessive graphic violence. The twist revealed about 45 - 30 minutes from the ending did come as a bit of a surprise. When I reflected upon it however it seemed fairly obvious. There were two maybe three laugh out loud moments but I think in the end it can be classified as action or drama and not comedy. Though not the day, Ryan Reynolds does manage to save the film giving the redeeming ending it so needed. I cannot say whether I recommend this or not. Take what I've written above and make your own decision.

Jason M (jp) wrote: Adam Sandler is the Grim Reaper and he's taking Andy Samberg with him.

Chris G (gb) wrote: loved loved loved this movie. I thought the acting was great and the story was wrenching and the insight into Afghanistan was interesting.