Across the Line

Across the Line

Across the Line (2000) is a truthful representation of both hope and corruption, focusing on critical events transpiring at America's border with Mexico and known both to those who live on the "line" (physical and metaphorical) and to those with the courage to cross it. Further it is a fine example of the filmmaker's art, featuring convincing portrayals underpinned by a convincing script and the directorial talent of Martin Spottl.

A small-town sheriff falls in love with a Latina illegal immigrant who witnessed a murder on the Texas border. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael L (de) wrote: THE GERMAN DOCTOR is Argentina's entry for the Best Foreign Oscar. It has not made the short list and no wonder. This plodding and uninteresting film takes the story of Josef Mengele's time in Argentina and turns into a very dull affair. Sometimes you think to yourself, "This movie just plain bad. Or what?"

Howard E (us) wrote: What is it about taking a road trip with a family member that seems like such a good idea in theory? Putting oneself in unfamiliar territory while trying to rebuild an inevitably fractured relationship can rarely result in anything other than frayed nerves, arguments and tears. Yet so many of us have taken the plunge because we thought our road trip would be different.And so it goes with Alexander Payne's bittersweet, comedy-drama, NEBRASKA.Curmudgeon Woody Grant lives in Billings, Montana along with his long-suffering wife of close to 50 years, Kate. Woody is not altogether there, thanks to a lifetime of heavy drinking and, now, the onset of Alzheimer's. When he receives a letter in the mail that he may have just won a million dollars in one of those publishers' sweepstakes, he starts walking to Lincoln, Nebraska - a distance of 850 miles across three states - to claim his prize. His son, David, intercepts him just outside Billings and brings him back home to try to talk some sense into him but Woody will hear nothing of it. He wants his money. David eventually gives in, thinking that a road trip with his dad might be good for their relationship. You see, Woody was not the best father in the world. Besides being drunk most of the time, Woody is not the most talkative person. His experience fighting in the Korean War 60 years earlier affects him even today.So David and Woody jump into David's car and head off to Lincoln. En route, a nighttime fall after a few too many beers puts Woody in the hospital and their plans quickly change. David decides to stop off at Woody's family in fictional Hawthorne, Nebraska for a few days to give Woody a chance to heal. In the meantime, Kate and their older son, Ross, decide to trek to Hawthorne too, to make it a full family reunion.When Woody reveals to brothers' families and his old friends about his million dollar windfall, the vultures start circling. The family says he owes them money for all their support over the years while his ex-business partner demands repayment (and then some!) of the money he lent to Woody many years earlier. Even though David and Ross insist that there is no money, no one believes them. Now David not only has to protect Woody from himself; he has to protect him from his family and friends.Alexander Payne, who previously wrote and directed SIDEWAYS and THE DESCENDANTS, seems to be attracted to stories that deal with life's unpredictable messiness. In NEBRASKA, he chose to shoot the film in black-and-white, which served to highlight both the starkness of the landscape and the Grant family's lives.There is plenty of humour in the film, though it is slow in coming. A scene showing the elderly Grant brothers watching Sunday football on TV seems very reminiscent of Grant Wood's classic painting, American Gothic. (Could there be a connection with the family name being Grant?) The film also features some of the best Upper Midwest American accents since FARGO.NEBRASKA stars Bruce Dern, who was nominated for an Academy Award (R) for this role, comedian Will Forte, June Squibb, Stacy Keach and Bob Odenkirk, whom audiences may know as the sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman on TV's BREAKING BAD.This is a great film but you don't need to go to the cinema to see it. Rent it or download it (legally, of course). You'll enjoy it.

Bjorn O (es) wrote: Jag gillar inte sillikonbrst men jag r vldigt svag fr knshumor om den r bara en nypa nyanserad, det hr r inget msterverk men jag kan inte hlla mig och ligger garvar p soffan.

Sergio M (au) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Shaun W (br) wrote: I'm surprised this has such a low rating, It's not the best movie I've ever seen but it's not terrible...about the worst that can be said is it leaves little to the imagination it pushes it's themes and story down on it's audience.

Anthony W (ca) wrote: A man and a woman's affair is challenged by societal expectations. Race, Religion, and Economic Status come together in this film to paint an interesting but grim picture of humanity and integration during the late 80s and early 90s. This film had a great cast as well as some valuable (though sometimes bizarre) dialogue.

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John K (gb) wrote: A 'Movies' Hall-of-Famer. Outstanding in every single aspect of what it takes to make a movie. Talk about perfection...

Memo P (ag) wrote: La inesperada siniestralidad de este film humano en lo tragico y desalentador como la guerra misma, lo convierte en un film atipico sobre la guerra que merece ser bien revisado.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Box office smash of 1986 helped by Hogan's charisma. Decent comedy but can't help but think of short-lived WWF character, Outback Jack, when watching.

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joel b (de) wrote: Dated racial politics and the corniest of corny props (think plywood swords and plastic masks) belie the majesty of the location shots and the poignancy of seeing the real faces of indigenous Mexicans drawn in to make up the numbers in fight scenes. Actually, the faces of the real folk in the background is the only thing of interest here at all.

Howie S (ca) wrote: It was ok, pretty smart, but could been better.