Action Man: The Movie

Action Man: The Movie

Doctor X initiates a plan to transform innocent victims into an army of Toxic Troopers intent on destroying everything in their path. Can Action Man save the world once again?

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  • Country:USA
  • Director:Dale Carman
  • Writer:Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens

Doctor X initiates a plan to transform innocent victims into an army of Toxic Troopers intent on destroying everything in their path. Can Action Man save the world once again? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Action Man: The Movie torrent reviews

Cody C (kr) wrote: Damn great little movie. Sad it didn't receive much press or attention last year. Might be his best film, actually. Can't wait to really fully review it for Smug Film

Jordan V (mx) wrote: The actors can leave a lot to be desired, but all the ideas on display here are original and interesting. Creepy, action-packed; A showcase of all the director's talent. He has a bright future ahead.

Clara P (kr) wrote: This movie is my dream

James C (it) wrote: This hits me right in the feels. Cheesy but nuanced, redemption romance ...with a bit of killer for hire, comedy. I've watched it again and again, and I still love it. Mini Driver's performance is outstanding. If you grew up or out of the 80's, this is especially for you.

Andrew G (es) wrote: The best in the series, though that's not saying much. The leprechaun's antics are well suited for the Vegas environment, but the movie suffers the same faults as its predecessors - laughable dialogue, one-dimensional characters, and the leprechaun never posing an actual threat. But like most aspects of this movie, who cares? It aims to be campy fun and that's exactly what you get.

Debbie W (jp) wrote: That Baby reminded me of the one when they were doing the ad with the kid in the carriage in NYC and it was mechanical and jumped out at your..for one of the movies, like Cradle something or other.. It just plain sucked. lol

James M (br) wrote: Above average courtroom thriller which becomes quite formulaic in its later stages.James Woods (with a stupid ponytail) is a maverick civil rights lawyer who takes on cases others don't, partnered with rookie Robert Downey Jr, he tries to clear a convict's name after he has already been serving 8 years for murder.I'm a big fan of the two main actors and this movie was entertaining enough, it's just a shame about all the cliches. I always thought James Woods deserved better. A very good actor.

Nicholas A (gb) wrote: A great film despite the flashbacks to the first one which were annoying. More brutal than I expected as well, which is a good thing

Michael S (kr) wrote: A nice little supsense movie that provides atmosphere, and some well done camera angles along with the entertaining story.

Russell S (ru) wrote: At times you can almost feel the embarrassment radiating from Denzel Washington at the ridiculosness of the plot. If you set that aside the movie is in fact an entertaining one that approaches the whole time travel premise from an interesting point of view that at least gives the movie some legs. Intriguing enough and different enough to keep you watching until the end.

Mary R (ag) wrote: Seen parts, but not whole thing

Robert P (fr) wrote: Effective story telling. Not original or creative but interesting take on progress in the Wild West. Uncritical and unproblematic stance

Matthew C (mx) wrote: In spite of the kind of silly title, this is really a classic science fiction adventure film in the grandest tradition. The first hour is excellent, with lone astronaut Chris learning how to live on a hostile world. The third act kind of loses me, where the story sort of opens up to include another character and some aliens. But then, most of these sort of films eventually throw in something, be it pirates in Swiss Family Robinson or what have you. I think had the whole Friday/alien bit at the end could have been dropped and the film would have been stronger. But it's good, and worth checking out.