A popular but naive country singer is elected governor of a southern state and, once in office, decides to dismantle the corrupt political machine that got him elected. Director Daniel Mann's 1961 political drama stars Susan Hayward, Dean Martin, Wilfred Hyde-White, Martin Balsam, Ralph Meeker, Connie Sawyer, William Walker, Ray Teal, Larry Gates and Kathryn Card.

Bo Gillis is running for Governor. Steve writes the speeches, Sylvester runs the campaign and Bo plays the guitar. Everything is going according to the plan until a hooker named Ada is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nolan P (br) wrote: Much of the charm of Friendship is Magic remains intact, and even the plot is surprisingly solid early on, but it just begins to crumble in the second half along with some awkward elements thrown in here and there.

Mark N (es) wrote: [?REC] and [?REC]2 were groundbreaking and scary. Mixing zombie virus horror with religion and posession. [?REC]3 went for comedy whilst sticking to the rules of the first two films. This [?REC]4 was touted as the sequel to the first 2 and a conclusion to Angela's story, which it is but is as much a sequel to third in tone. A little scarier but could have been so much more if it were a little more restrained and less fun?! Confused? So am I but at its heart is a good film

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Eric B (de) wrote: Really? You didn't see it coming! No happy endings here! Best line was we were smocking meth and reading the bible! YUP! Classic!

Abel D (de) wrote: Ambitious but ultimately out of steam before the end, 'Agora' is rather lavishly mounted, but its hefty script doesn't quite pack the punch it ought to.

Rob R (br) wrote: Great movie about a topic that is very different from what you would expect of a rock movie. Massive performances by the twins. It takes a lot of guts to touch your brothers tongue on film with your own. WOW!

Bob W (es) wrote: Amazing mix of Kung Fu, numerous homages to famous movies and Hong Kong film stars of the past, Matrix like battle scenes, lots of comedy and a great final fight scene.

Siarra F (ag) wrote: Arachnophobia meets Predator and Starship Troopers in this horrible pee-oh-ess film that is worse than a student film made of each film's worst points combined. Absolutely godawful special effects and unimaginative, Suetastic writing, this movie isn't so bad it's good or funny, it's just plain bad.

Joey H (ca) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Sherry M (us) wrote: Denzel Washington terrific, as usual. Pro basketball player that played his son was also very good. Spike Lee gets a bit heavy handed with his message about the pressure on great high school athletes, but makes his point. Downer ending - typical of Lee.

PEACE (ca) wrote: Nobody remembers this but this was the actual sequel to they call me bruce. If you ever see it, best seen was when he is in the CLub with the white girl! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT YO LOVE IS>>>SOMETHING I WANT! PRICELESS SEEN LOVE IT HE MESSES UP HIS ZIPPER! LOL! GIRLS LIKE WTF>>>LOL!!

Yankees Y (nl) wrote: Well done adaptation. Right balance of action and drama.

Heather Z (ag) wrote: I watch this every year on it's premiere anniversary, which Flixter has wrong. It's not 7/20, its 8/8 in the USA.

Nick B (ag) wrote: People say this movie is bad, but remember that it is for kids. Great story full of memorable characters that will find a spot in your heart and your memories.

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