Adam and Evil

Adam and Evil

A wealthy society wife discovers her husband's long-hidden secret--he has a brother, who is not only his twin but his "evil" twin. The long-lost brother shows up at the couple's doorstep ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres V (mx) wrote: Mucho tufo a "El secreto de sus ojos". Escoger a Darn para esto no fue la mejor opcin. La historia es dbil y el papel de Calu Rivero es malo y pierde fuerza la historia con ella. El guin flaquea al final y se pone aburrida, da la sensacin de ser una mala copia del trabajo del grandioso Bielinsky.

Paul C (au) wrote: Interesting, if somewhat disjointed, indie horror. At turns scary, funny (intentionally so), gorey, and touching. Some viewers might be distracted by the shifts in tone/genre between the sections (transmissions), though it worked for me, as it helped one understand the signal-garbled thoughts of some of the characters. Well done and very character-centric story telling.

Misty C (ag) wrote: This is a movie that touched my heart an will be passed on to my daughter an grandaughter.

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: White Material French film directed by Claire Denis who co-wrote it with Marie NDiaye. Isabelle Huppert stars as Maria Vial. Adopted from the book of same name by Claire Denis. Maria lives in an unnamed African country, she is coffee-producer. She stays on at her family's coffee plantation with her ex-husband, his father and their son, despite knowing the facts that the civil-war has already erupted. To many critics this film might seem applauding, I didn't find it too close to the reality of their liking this. I know the bright cultural-life of the people around the world, but to see a lady like Maria, who doesn't give up on her plantation, irrespective of inevitable life-threats against her beloved son, her ex-husband and herself. NOTE: My eldest brother has been to number of African countries. Thus he once told me that Africa has an ideal climate of environment to be found in the world; this is why, he said that despite many countries gaining independence from colonial rule by British, French, Portugal, Spain etc, white people still live on in Africa.

Ben B (it) wrote: While I don't believe this film quite fits the G rating which it has and is that suitable for young children, Adults will love it because it is absolutely brilliant. And that Mom is so funny!

Shaina Y (mx) wrote: Sometimes the acting didn't seem realistic or sincere enough which in turn hindered the dialogue. Besides that, the film was still very good.

April F (au) wrote: Hooray for the synchs! Kawaiiness... "Wrong species!" LMAO

Mireille B (au) wrote: A great dark film starring two great persons working in the industry of cinema (Depardieu and Polanski). What amazes me the most in this picture are the dialogues. Giuseppe wrote an awesome piece and I must say I had a great time watching it.

Jon C (nl) wrote: a smart taut of a thrillerPierce Brosnan is a bad guy holding a couple's daughter hostage and has them do his biddingit's rather tense, thrillful, and quite perplexing in the direction it goesthe final reveal is something of a convention but it ties everything in coilsthe other reveal is something of a spine-chiller totally twisting everything aroundit's creepy once the credits roll showing what happens when a family such as this reaches its breaking point face with despair, abandonment, and fearPierce, Maria Bello, and Gerard Butler make an extravagant lineup

Tom A (us) wrote: this early 90"s ski extravaganza is worth the watch

paige s (us) wrote: love this movie, mainly because it is a true story

Aj V (ru) wrote: A predictable suspense story, but it's always cool to see Perkins play a psycho, right?

Fong K (fr) wrote: viewed on 24/8/04 (Tues)I can still remember vividly that I was terrified by the scene of Medusa. Her head of snakes and that green glow from the eyes. I saw the trailer and the promo pictures at the old Orchard theatre and they scared the hell out of me. I have always see this movie as a horror movie. Of course, when I watch it now, the SFX (more like a stop-motion effects) is so chessy that it is rather laughable. Talking about overcoming your childhood scar. That chessy special effects run through the movie. The dialogue is also very chessy. But still the entertainment value is very high. Not a dull moment. Seeing them so painstakingly create those larger-than-life visual effects, I wish they had the contemporary computer wizardry. It won't be a bad idea at all if they remake the movie now. I am sure it will be a hit.Rating: B

Marc B (it) wrote: What an unexpectedly stark and brutal film. Despite the violence and domestic abuse, it's somehow amusing and mesmerising. Made on a tight budget, it proves that a great story well told wins every time.