Adam & Eva

Adam & Eva

Adam and Eva have been married for four years. But the romance has disappeared from their relationship and has been replaced by boredom and old routine. When Adam meets his brother's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Adam & Eva torrent reviews

SARA T (kr) wrote: it's different from the new one!

Ben H (br) wrote: This has absolutly nothing to do with the first one. Its basically a glorified soft core porn and not even a good one.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Touching and well acted film about a has-been boxer and the reporter who writes his story.

Logan P (fr) wrote: Pointless and boring...

Johnathon W (es) wrote: Superb romantic dramedy that has aged extremely well, thanks to a superb cast & Cameron Crowe being in his top form. The main appeal is Tom Cruise, whose performance as Maguire ranks as probably the best of his career, getting to show off his comedic chops (his mental breakdown at the beginning is classic) to romance (his impassioned plea to his wife at the end remains a tear jerker). It's the kind of performance that not only reminds one that Cruise is a great movie star but a pretty darn good actor too. He does get great support from the rest of the cast, particularly Renee Zellenger (luminous in her breakout performance) to Cuba Gooding Jr. (stealing every scene that earned him a well deserved Oscar). Behind the camera, Cameron Crowe crafts one of his best films, telling a story that touches on everything from sporting finance to dating single mothers (in a pointed complication, Jerry falls in love with Dorothy's son before her). Crowe does it while bringing the right mix of comedy & romance, along with numerous quotable lines ("Show me the money!!", "You complete me."). While it does drag a bit in the third act, the result is one of Cameron Crowe's & Tom Cruise's finest films, making for one of the best films of the '90s.

Larry Y (es) wrote: another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase. only wanna see it because Gina Gershon is in it

Nardia L (de) wrote: Even if a bit predictable, the movie had some levels of suspense and intrigue attached to it. It was a good movie, not bad, great or excellent, but good.

Carolina V (jp) wrote: Inspirational, creative, different. I can watch it a 100 times, it will always make me fall in love with poetry again and again.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: Truffaut takes a more episodic look at a large number of children going to school. It has plenty of little touches that are bound to put a smile on your face (one kid waits for the school bell to ring to avoid answering a teacher's question) with a bit of tragedy thrown in to keep it from being overly schmaltzy. Overall another really good film from Francois which has one sequence involving a 3 year old, a cat and a window ledge that Hitchcock would have been proud of.

Russ B (nl) wrote: To me this is one of the crme de la crme of 70s drive-in cinema. It has it all, hot naked 70s women, a bizarre plot great soundtrack and very memorable dialogue.If you are a fan of this genre and have not seen this yet make it a point to do so.