Adam & Paul

Adam & Paul

This movie follows a day in the life of two Dublin Heroin addicts, Adam and Paul. Adam is the taller and slightly smarter of the two while Paul is his sidekick. Since they were small boys, Adam and Paul have withered into two hopeless, desperate Dublin junkies, tied together by habit and necessity.

This movie follows a day in the life of 2 Dublin Heroin addicts, Adam and Paul. Adam is the taller and slightly smarter of the two while Paul is his sidekick... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen F (au) wrote: I nearly died of died of boredom

WS W (gb) wrote: A great thriller- mysterious & tempting. Laurent Lucas is forceful as an obsessive, puzzled husband. Charlotte Rampling, once again, vitalizes another unfathomable character.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Rat Race can be summarised by saying that it's a massively scattershot comedy full of hit and miss jokes.Rat Race boasts an impressive ensemble cast comprised of many talented comedians, but much of the time it really doesn't know what to do with them and wastes their talents on jokes not fit for their comedic talents. For example, Rowan Atkinson is featuredi n Rat Race, yet his character receives minimal screen time and doesn't talk much, but also he doesn't receive much comedic material to work with and so he rarely is the source of any laughter. The character he is stuck working with is stupid, and if he's one of the main reasons you watched Rat Race as was my case, then you are likely to be disappointed because there is no elements of Mr Bean or Blackadder in it, but rather just the use of his name and minimal screen time for him.Certain jokes in Rat Race work while many fall flat, and as a fan of practically all the actors involved I was seriously disappointed because having Cuba Gooding Jr. crash a bus full of Lucille Ball fans, having Whoopi Goldberg end up in a rocket car and having all of these actors pitted in a story where they have to race to Silver City, New Mexico to get $2 Million all sounds funny on the surface but it was executed in such a formulaic and cartoony way that the jokes just rarely succeded. Most of the humour came from the actors' performances instead of the jokes, but it would have worked better if they really had sufficient material to actually work with. Unfortunately Rat Race is not a film where such hope proves to be anything more than just mere hope.The scattershot story loses its appeal fast and rarely goes through any form of dynamics that are anything more than repetitive stupid jokes which fail to make an impact, and for a comedy with unsuccessful jokes it clearly fails at achieving what it set out to, as did director Jerry Zucker when he made Rat Race.Some of the performances are rather funny though.Jon Lovitz's character is possibly the funniest because of his natural charm as a comedic actor even when he works with such ridiculous comedic material, and of course John Cleese is always marvellous and succeeds at making an impact within his brief time on screen. His funniest scene is in the film intro.Whoopi Goldberg and Cuba Gooding Jr. manage to do a decent job at times, as does Seth Green. Really, the presence of the ensemble cast in Rat Race is more genial than it is funny, so at least there is some charm.So while Rat Race is an easy to watch comedy with a good cast, its not that easy to laugh at and doesn't take advantage of its actors, particularly Rowan Atkinson.

Cj O (ag) wrote: It just looks very cheesy. When I read a plot summary of it that said "in the not-too-distant-future," All I could think of was the next line to the MST3K theme.You don't have to read any review to know the movie's bad. Just look at the DVD box. By one look at the movie box shown on Netflix, I could tell this was a bad one.Just to mention, I'd bet a million dollars that someone who's seen that movie box photoshoped the head to look like that yellow dude from Gargoyles.

Eber N (ca) wrote: My second guilty pleasure after Super Mario Bros., enjoyed it in the theater at age 14 and I still find great.

John L (ag) wrote: Falls into all the pitfalls, traps and land mines of "Made for TV" movies, with all the film shot to fit . . . the allotted broadcast airtime for it. Suffer from obvious lack of budget, cheesy on the cheap special effects, and over the top melodramatic dialog. Furthermore, whoever their military adviser was completely failed, if they even had one. Starts out at the courts-martial scene in the beginning: no such thing as secret ballot on a courts-martial panel and citing conviction of crimes specified within various punitive articles in the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). The UCMJ didn't even exist until 31 May 1951 when it replaced the Articles of War that had been used since 1775, the last version of which had been enacted by Congress in 1920. During WWII, the trials, convictions and sentences would have been under the Articles of War. In addition, officer insignia is incorrectly positioned on their Class A uniforms, albeit someone was savvy enough to not have generals wearing branch insignia (a common uniform error).Watch the original theatrical film, not this "Made for TV" (and TV ratings sweeps) tripe. It's much, much, much better.

Craig Dylan W (kr) wrote: Boring film, I didn't get it. CDW

Facebook U (mx) wrote: Very well done. The story is problematic though. First, if you know a key is hidden in a piano, you may as well steal the piano and get the key rather than set an elaborate murderous plot that could go wrong any time. It is Hitchcockian though. So if you start watching, you can't stop it. So, I give it a pass. Original effort.

Mo B (gb) wrote: Rating: 48%The Legend of Hercules has a laughably bad story and the acting is very terrible, although the visual effects make up for part of that.