Adam's Apples

Adam's Apples

A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.

A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patricia M (jp) wrote: My sons have seen it more than once. They ask if we travel to India, can we see Singham? The man who acted as Singham? Thry even eat more when I remind them that eating more will make as strong as "Sigham"

Bobby N (es) wrote: After binge watching the original series, i finally got to the movies! I really liked this first film because i felt that it was very in tune to the series. You saw the girls evolve and move through their lives while kept the fun conversations they have over dinner. I feared that the movie would be too focused on the plot but I found the filler conversations interesting as always. If definitely stayed true to form!

Tabatha T (kr) wrote: This is a fav. of mine. I crack up through the whole thing.

Wade H (br) wrote: It lacks the punch of other thrillers, but settles more on realism and story with good performances from Beckinsale and Wilson.

scott g (br) wrote: the two performances are decent enough and tell the story well enough, there are also colourful moments throughout, with loads of energy in its aproach, some japanes humour as is always the case missing the mark, but fun throughout, if nothing memorable

Collin P (nl) wrote: One of the best animated movies to date. Probably one of my favorites of all time. Tarzan boasts a beautiful jungle, emotional story, and a well paced movie.

Tricia C (de) wrote: It's impossible not to like. Anna Chlumsky weirdly looks like Justin Beiber.

John C (us) wrote: i saw this movie a long time ago once upon the mid 1990's when i was much younger and just recently saw it today. Its entertaining and predictible but it does itt job to keep us interested even though dolph lundren isn't one of the best actors in the world. Worth a watch if you love action movies

Toby C (us) wrote: This movie was an absolute waste of time and film, with the possible exception of being a vehicle that introduced the planet to the charms of one Becky Harris.Miss Harris portrayed the unfortunate female shopper who is accosted and eventually killed by "Roy Boy" (how friggin' lame) and his gang of marauders. At first glance , Harris appears to be a middle aged woman in a very proper June Cleaver-esque dress. We later see when the thug decides to have his way with her that she has left the house without a bra and that she (or her body double) has the majestic body of a 25-year old. I would appreciate if anyone has a still photo of the scene in this movie where she is standing in front of the thug with her breasts exposed. Truly nothing short of magnificent!

Ryan R (kr) wrote: one of my fav movies...don't box yourself in...

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Clint Eastwood is terse and squinty as the titular hero; a drunkard who gets sucked into a private war between a scummy land baron (Robert Duvall) and a Mexican terrorist/freedom fighter (John Saxon). Kidd is initially convinced to fight for the white people, but he's eventually swayed by their brutal practices as well as the semi-reluctant affections of a damsel in distress (Stella Garcia). The plot isn't anything to write home about, but director John Sturges handles the cinematography with panache. Coupled with some rock-solid performances, Joe Kidd is worth tracking down should one be fond of traditional Western movies.

Mike P (mx) wrote: Critics are wrong. This is better than 2!