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Kris W (gb) wrote: Pretty bad movie. The only thing i found amusing was seeing Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver in this together. I guess the person who did casting for LOST was a fan of this flick.

Pam R (it) wrote: Hmm thought this was just mostly about sex. With exception of one scene, just kind of felt like it was a waste of time. Only watched it for Christian Bale. He was good.

Terry K (kr) wrote: Father-son bonding movie on "road" trip through mountains. Lovely film and highly recommended film if you can find it. Bookend a great Chinese film night with Zhang Yimou's "The Road Home" which has a similar feel.

Gregory P (br) wrote: this is a perfect example of why i NEVER EVER EVER listen to paid critics!this film made me want to was disgusting and disturbing and horrible and sad and filled with bad taste!THIS IS THE REALITY OF MIDDLE real, that's it's hard to tell the difference between the actors and the actual residents of the town.this is a tabloid newspaper scripted and shot from a silent witness to it all......few documentaries have been able to display the human hopelessness that Korine has managed to capture in such a short time. at 90min, he's like that creepy photographer who took your family photos, touching you inappropriately, capturing your reactions on film, then sending you off with results fully exposed, back at'cha and cracking up laughing as he jerks off to it later........ the guy probably didn't make much off of this, but this film WILL solidify his cult status as a visionary......KIDS was almost a masterpiece, but Gummo takes you into the heart of America. where no one is really doing much of anything. where all of the people with "potential" have been thrown out or are already gone with the "tarnada"......sad truth set to a great death metal soundtrack. it's exactly the way it should be.i WAS that weird bunny eared kid who drew on his knuckles, another silent witness to this disturbia and was chastised for it, regularly! .........i could go on and on...........this IS the Amerikkka that NO ONE wants to admit actually exists!whether Harmony Korrine is a "troubled" filmaker or not, he has the honesty to nail it on the head without sympathy and without apology........thumbs WAY UP!

Morpheus O (de) wrote: Madonna is one of the most overrated celebrities in the history of popular culture. And this film has received most, dare I say all, of the praise that it has received for her very presence in it and that IS a pathetic joke!!This movie sucked.Period. Point. Blank.

Margaret W (br) wrote: My favorite western - a battle of good and evil while commenting on the human condition. Worthy of being made into an opera

Nicholas T (nl) wrote: Grim and beautiful. Still intelligent and hasn't lost any of its human truth.

Emile H (it) wrote: By far the best transition of classic Star Trek to the big screen, Star Trek II features great performances from the impeccable cast. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley shine once again as their respective characters as their trail by combat with Ricardo Montalban's menacing Khan becomes its main focus. The tension continues to increase within every character and plot point as the film pits the two sides together. Not to mention much of its respect to the sci-fi elements that the original series, while also bridging it with the action, suspense, and mythology that comes with the Star Trek phenomena.

Cynthia W (ca) wrote: gut wrenchingly real and brutal and heartbreaking how this probably isn't the worst of what actually happens