Adão e Eva

Adão e Eva

Catarina Menezes is a bisexual TV reporter who decides to have a child on her own and chooses Spanish humanitarian doctor Rafael to father the child, setting up an elaborate charade to lure...

Catarina Menezes is a bisexual TV reporter who decides to have a child on her own and chooses Spanish humanitarian doctor Rafael to father the child, setting up an elaborate charade to lure... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob S (au) wrote: amazing cinematography, nice simple story

Eliabeth S (it) wrote: I love the theme, setting, costumes, and acting -- a slightly different take on the typical romantic comedy -- but I couldn't get on board with the subtle sexism throughout. "Mon chou" = ugh (and the subtitles translated it as "pumpkin," so the English version was even worse).

Air M (mx) wrote: waste of my precious little time...what a tripple crap even for a dragon lover like me :x

Gursheen B (br) wrote: it ws bare annoying :@

Evan M (br) wrote: I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this film. Mena is fairly one-dimensional as an actress, but she's pretty believable in this far-fetched, drama/black comedy. I could watch Stephen Rea read a menu. It was nice to go into this film not knowing what was going to happen. And what finally does happen. Stuart Gordon, baby!

Tim M (us) wrote: Bruno is a troll out in the open and the result is a lot of parody and some uncomfortably bigots. It's enough for some really big laughs.

Jon P (ru) wrote: Part nonsensical horror, part flat-faced comedy and part Prague travelogue, Die Hard Dracula is on a whole new level of ineptitude.The film plays like a home video, with abrupt cuts and an ever-tumbling tone, following a weedy teen lost in indecisive vampireland. There's painted cardboard sets, multicoloured car crashes, a Dracula whose hairstyle changes between takes and a supporting character who looks like the living incarnation of Super Mario.Despite how this may sound, it's rarely even unintentionally funny. In fact, it's utterly dreadful on all levels.

Atheer O (nl) wrote: A great character study which I found much more powerful than the Godfather movies.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Wilder Napalm is the little seen cable movie about the Foudroyant Brothers, Wallace and Wilder, both of him are literal Firestarters. Wallace (Dennis Quaid, who's a lot of fun in this) travels with the circus with old Ernest himself (Jim Varney), and both of whom are set to reveal Wallace's gift to the world in order to become rich and famous. Wilder (Arliss Howard in a fun role) is a photo booth runner who lives a normal, stable life with his shut in wife (Debra Winger, who brings charm to her role) whose serving a house arrest sentence for starting her own fires. Soon, Wallace comes back to town and the long-running Foudroyant brother feud begins again, particularly over Debra Winger's character, whom both are in love with. There's a certain Tim Burton-esque charm to this film that goes there without any of the gothicism we've come to expect. The characters and storylines are great, and overall, an enjoyable movie is delivered. Definitely worth a watch.

Dan B (us) wrote: I'm a 65 year old grandfather. I purchased this movie on DVD. I thought it was good then but because of the much better directing and acting it is hard to give it a better rating. I just recently watched this movie. I didn't know it had been rereleased.

taylor (gb) wrote: Sincd Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson were in it I was expecting it to be alot better.

Chrisanne S (ru) wrote: Barrymore, Munshin, Wynn, and Lanza all have there good points here. But WHY does the nice uncouth opera singer always fall for the stuck up Prima Dona?

Sean D (fr) wrote: I can't believe this actually has a good rating, it's so campy. It's a cheesy and campy lesser known horror series, the first of which, and the only one in the '80s. The basic plot which had a stupid backstory that doesn't explain anything is basically about some horrid deformed fetus looking Alien reject from the Alien series called Pumpkinhead. His origins date back to the '50s from what we can tell. The beginning of the story doesn't explain anything. Later you come to realize that Pumpkinhead has no real explainable origins, at least in the first film. He's some serial killer who gets summoned through the use of the requestor's blood and will annihilate whoever you want but you become sort of one with him which is a huge problem and leads to the climax of the film. The plot is original. I believe Pumpkinhead becomes immortal as a result, to an extent until the summoner dies or he completes his mission. The acting is terrible and hilarious and the film is campy, you have to like it. Great film. The lead-up is horrible. Some random kid gets run over, not really. But apparently he's dead so the kid's dad learns about Pumpkinhead and summons him, then can't stand the torture he's going through (that seems to be the explanation for his later sympathy and change of heart) and wants Pumpkinhead dead or it's that he didn't expect everything to go down so violently.