Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values

Siblings Wednesday and Pugsley Addams will stop at nothing to get rid of Pubert, the new baby boy adored by parents Gomez and Morticia. Things go from bad to worse when the new "black widow" nanny, Debbie Jellinsky, launches her plan to add Fester to her collection of dead husbands.

When the Addams family welcomes a new baby, they hire a devious nany, Cussack, who falls in love with and marries Fester. Her true intentions are revealed as a serial killer who marries wealthy men but she is no match for the insanity of the Addams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin F (nl) wrote: This documentary reminded me what footie is all about. Uplifting, touching and most of all inspiring with some unlikely heroes. I also, thought it funny in places.American Samoa are the lowest ranked team in FIFA and are more well known for a world record 31-0 defeat at the hands of Australia. The American Samoan FA ask the USFA for assistance and they send Dutch coach Thomas Rongen (the only person who replied to the advert at the USFA). He has played with the likes of Cruyff and Best in the MLS and upon arrival he does not fit in with the culture. Beset with his own personal demons the coach and the players manage to find some common ground and slowly a relationship begins to form. What does not help is that their best player is 1000s of miles away with the US Military and he uses his entire annual leave to be available for the World Cup qualifiers.For me the hero is Jaiyah, the first trans gender to play in a World Cup qualifier. She is no Vincent Kompany but what she does better than anyone is make the tea.....errrm no, I mean buy into the team ethos that Thomas is trying to instill in the squad. Some of the settings for the games are beautiful beyond belief (esp the game away to Samoa) and it made me think back to dreary away games at Plough Lane in decades past for some reason. Oh, and I think the keeper can play a bit too.

Yvonne A (mx) wrote: Ok story line, not predictable and somewhat engaging

Chris B (it) wrote: With a title like that, how could I resist! This is the first feature film from director Boris Rodriguez who, on the strength of this movie, I predict great things from in the future. Mixing horror with comedy is a delicate balance. Here though, equilibrium is mostly achieved. Humour is genuinely funny whilst Eddie's kills are suitably gruesome. Lars Olafssen, (Thure Lindhart) an artist who's slipped from the limelight he once graced, takes a job at an art school in an isolated Canadian town called Koda Lake. He's been very unproductive recently, to the annoyance of his quote spewing agent (the wonderful Stephen McHattie). At his new home, Olafssen unwittingly finds himself taking in Eddie; a loveable mute with learning difficulties who's been left homeless after the death of his aunt; a major patron of the art school. Eddie is shy and good natured, apart from his habit of going on sleepwalking killing sprees when he's under emotional stress. Olafssen finds this bloodletting to be his muse, enabling him to start painting again. But will he keep encouraging Eddie's homicidal wanderings in order to keep up his own productivity? And how long will it be before sardonic Police Chief Verner (Paul Braunstein) catches up with the duo?Casting for this movie is near perfect. Rodriguez wanted a natural star for the role of Olafssen. Unable to find any in his native country, he looked abroad and found Lindhart; who manages to purvey his character so well that even when he's manipulating Eddie into ripping folk apart, the audience still roots for him. Eddie is played by Dylan Smith (also known as Dylan Scott Smith). He gives Eddie's two natures such distinctiveness that sometimes it's hard to equate the Eddie smeared in blood chasing victims with the Eddie who sits quietly and smiles bashfully when his paintings are praised. Smith and Lindhardt are an effective team. When Olfassen deliberately tries to upset Eddie (so that he goes out to kill) it is genuinely unpleasant as we can believe that Eddie loves him. Look out for Smith in the 2012 'Total Recall', where he has a small role. Another important character is Lesley (Georgina Reilly), who also teaches at the art school. She provides Olafssen's love interest, drawn to him by his former fame and how the paintings he's suddenly producing are financing the school's survival. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about Reilly's handling of the role, but importantly, she holds her own with the leads. Humour is jet black farce and surrealism, helped along with some snappy dialogue; especially from Chief Verner. Only once does the comedy fail - the voiceover during the beginning of the closing credits felt too silly and at odds with the rest of the movie. I also thought the end plot twist was unnecessaryInterestingly, the original script had a writer getting inspiration from the killings of a werewolf he befriends. Rodriguez drew inspiration from David Lynch's high tone approach to horror and the performances in the Cohen Brother's 1996 release 'Fargo' whilst directing. If you are a fan of horror movies, or dark comedies you are almost guaranteed to enjoy this film. Rodriguez has been so taken with the reception horror lovers have given his work that he now plans to work in the genre again. Let's hope he does.

E Nikole H (ag) wrote: While Amy Adams proves herself once again, Emily Blunt surprise me a great deal, I was not expecting such a solid performance. Really good movie.

Zbynk S (ru) wrote: Zajmav (C) a z hlediska p(TM)b>hu originln drama zachycujc trauma z koncentra?nho tboru, kter 1/2m se Adam Stein v podn Jeffa Goldbluma doslova prot>kal.Hlubok (C) pon 3/4en, kter (C)mu byl v koncentrku vystaven se na n>m promt i (TM)adu let po vlce a my se dky nep(TM)ehrvajcmu a p(TM)esn (C)mu Goldblumovi m 3/4eme pono(TM)it do tohoto tragick (C)ho p(TM)b>hu.Bohu 3/4el re 3/4is (C)r Schrader ned divkovi moc anc, aby si se Steinem jeho trpen plnohodnotn> pro 3/4il a n>kter 1/2mi pas 3/4emi dokonce nud, v jin 1/2ch situacch nevol sprvnou vyprav>?skou strukturu a na film se vlastn> dokukte jen z cty k hlavnmu hrdinovi.Jedno vm film ka 3/4dopdn> op>t p(TM)ipomene... 3/4e peklo a pon 3/4en v koncentrcch zlomilo a usmrtilo desetisce siln 1/2ch a 3/4asn 1/2ch lid, a 3/4e pro lidsk 1/2 odpad jako komandant Klein neexistuje adekvtn trest.Bezkrevn (C) drama se siln 1/2m t (C)matem...50%

Jim M (br) wrote: decent movie about college

Ryan B (us) wrote: One of the greatest overlooked films of the 20th century.Empathy is not the word for what I felt for the main characters situation, there are times where I hoped he would die, because he was living so much suffering.This is not an action movie, or your common war movie, this is a deep, deep psychological horror about one mans journey into himself.Joe, the main character, is a quadruple amputee who also loses his eyes, mouth, eyes and ears, he also loses a portion of his brain, the cerebrum.The doctors think he is a vegetable, this so far from the truth, he is fully awake and his thoughts and the sensation of touch is all he is has.Sympathize with him, think to yourself, what would I do? How long could I bear it.There are times where you hope he gets what he wants more than anything in the world, death, even thought it goes completely against your human instincts and basic morality.It's one of the very scarce times I wished someone would die.The way it's shot is a stroke of genius by Dalton Trumbo too, reality is shot in black and white, Joe reliving his memories are shot completely in color, and the dream like state while under the influence of morphine are shot completely in saturated colors.Watch this film and prepare for everything you thought about war to completely change and you will consider the right to death very seriously.10/10.

Alun W (kr) wrote: This is a wonderful film. The low budget and the technical limitations of the period mean that the director was forced to rely on the strength of his script and cast instead of the special effects that would probably ruin any remake. This is a very intimate apocalypse, and the dialog sizzles even more than the weather as the earth spirals towards the sun. The tension between the Edward Judd and Leo McKern is very well done, as is the developing relationship between Judd and Munro. The film is dated of course, but there are ample compensations: the theme chimes well with present day concerns over climate change, and I loved the period detail, with much of the film appearing to have been shot in the Daily Express building, and there are plenty of outdoor scenes with a lot of visual interest too (such as shots of Battersea Park and the power station). The DVD has a 15 certificate, and it probably still deserves it, as the dialog is unusually frank for the period, and we see as much of Janet Munro as the director could possibly have hoped to sneak past the censors at the time. Yes, some of the minor characters are a bit one dimensional, and the themes of official complacency and cover-up are common currency now, but this film has a wonderful freshness and deserves to be better known.