30-something Jonna, successful executive with cozy architect husband Niklas and two children, leads a double life. She is constantly on the lookout for quick casual sex. When she starts seeing handsome and rich young yacht owner Aleksi, things start going awry in her life. While her sister Sanna provides her with suitable alibis,sex therapist Nora tries to help her come to terms with her addiction

Thirty-something Jonna, successful ad executive with cozy architect husband Niklas and two small children, leads a double life. She is constantly on the lookout for quick casual sex. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel K (es) wrote: A gripping drama about a disturbed man looking for his daughter... or so it appears. This is a character-driven movie, and the performances are so thoroughly convincing, watching it is a riveting experience.

Becky F (nl) wrote: Very cute movie loved it

Brett B (au) wrote: Late to the party here, and left a little disappointed. So much hype about being his best work, but I felt it was more in line with Life Aquatic or Moonrise Kingdom than Rushmore or Budapest. Still a very good flick that should be highly recommended.

Tyler E (ca) wrote: This film has weak animation, premise, and new character development. This to be a sequel is no surprise.

Sonia L (ru) wrote: one of my favorite movie!

Sourabh M (mx) wrote: An ambitious film, but in the end it falls short of what it could have been.

Stephanie B (es) wrote: a caretaker in a school for fencers. Sounds shockingly bad but surprissingly brilliant. Eric Roberts at his absolute best but the star of the film is the caretaker, F Murray Abraham

Evan M (ag) wrote: Another fantastic Woody Allen film. Great character study as only he can pull off

Jason P (mx) wrote: Grindhouse at it's cheesiest and its best. Anti-corprate Symbolism, while obvious, is at its best in this film.

Isaac V (de) wrote: I'm 110% disgusted by this flick. You will not catch me watching another Ellen Page movie after this, and I will /never/ see anything directed by David Slade ever again. I practically vomited midway through the climax of the movie.

Thomas B (de) wrote: The plot is completely bonkers and despite Angelina Jolie's performance, this film never really catches fire. Full review later.

Erin D (gb) wrote: I thought it was a beauty. I also thought there were a couple minor story flaws, but all in all, it was a good $5 worth for me and my whole family.