Addictions and Subtractions

Addictions and Subtractions

A look at the notorious Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel. Former coke addict has built a new life as contractor, but cannot shake off his past on drugs.

During the 1980s in Medellín, Santiago, an engineer, gets involved in drug traffic to make a quick buck. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bosco F (es) wrote: Quite funny, Carell a comedic genius as always. Though "American movie" cliches are still painfully there, hell, good to have a nice laugh.

Autumn Z (mx) wrote: Adrenaline pumping movie, could not look away!

Patrick S (kr) wrote: highly disapointing when you find out what caused all the deaths.

Joe A (de) wrote: During the early 1900s in a rural Pennsylvania mine, a group of children used as workers are killed when a dynamite charge is used unsafely while they're inside. Now in modern day, pretty widow Karen (Lori Heuring) and her two daughters, young Emma, (Chloe Grace Moretz) and teen Sarah, (Scout Taylor-Compton) move into a recently inherited property in the area. Soon supernatural occurrences begin to happen and Karen finds out that the vengeful children still inhabit the woods at night sating their hunger for revenge by devouring anyone foolish enough to be out there after dark. Worse yet, her family may be tied to these ghouls in a much deeper way then just living in their domain. Director J.S. Cardone gives the film a nice atmosphere and keeps a story that might have gotten silly appropriately creepy. Cinematographer Emil Topuzov gives the film a nice visual style and makes use of the dark Bulgarian woods (which stand in for Pennsylvania) and the old house our characters occupy. The cast does well too with Heuring giving depth to the strong willed mother trying to start a new life for her girls and now faced with an unnatural horror. As the girls, the young Moretz is good as Emma, who one of the dead children is drawn too, and Compton plays the rebellious teen very well. They are joined by genre vets Geoffrey Lewis as the local handyman and Ben Cross as a hermit with ties to the flesh eating specters. The film's not perfect, the pace is a bit slow, though, I feel that is deliberate, and some of the plot elements are a bit cliche' for this type of flick (ominous warnings from the local eccentric, local teens ignoring the legends and going in the woods at night) . But, one can forgive some of the flaws and familiarities as the film provides enough chills and there is some decent gore too. Overall a spooky little horror flick that never tries to be more then what it is.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Cute, enjoyable flick that's very pleasant to watch and entertaining.

Frank J (gb) wrote: Hum. Franchement, a commenait bien, c'tait mon genre, a refltait une posie indfinie par l'image.Mais le dveloppement du film est tellement lent que j'ai pass le reste du film bailler. Tandis que la peur me tiraillait au dbut de l'histoire, c'est l'ennui qui me guettait un peu avant la moiti du film. Ce n'est pas aussi gratuit que je le croyais, puisque le film est davantage un trait de philosophie fministe, bien que, selon moi, totalement innofensif et n'apportant que trs peu de bonnes ides.Bref, aucune scne ne m'a choqu (je ne comprends pas ce qu'il y a de choquant dans ce film, franchement... je m'attendais l'enfer), les dialogues taient vides parce qu'ils taient trop lourds, la construction de l'histoire tait affreuse et n'amenait rien.Finalement, je me retrouve avec un beau mal de tte et une sublime envie d'aller faire un gros dodo. Ciao.

Leslie C (ru) wrote: Yes, it's a contrversal film with some humor but all of us have experienced at least one thing in this movie no matter what your ethnic orgin may be. But we all know if some us did what Mark Watson did, we would be exspelled. Saw this when it first came out and again with my 19yr old daughter. The funny thing is Soul Man didn't even look like an African American......

Scott B (es) wrote: Because I got the 007 blu-ray box set for Christmas from my best friend, I recently watched a good number of them when I had the time, and just the other day I sat down to watch this one. Well it wasn't as bad as I remember it being but it still isn't all that great. It's yet another Bond movie, and Moore is clearly getting too old for the role. But hey, it looks like The Godfather compared to what came next...

Matthew J (ag) wrote: This is an okay flick thou it sadly misses the constant presence (not just on archive fotagge) of now sadly diseased Peter Sellers. Shouldn't have been made.

Rae H (fr) wrote: Surprisingly well done. It reminds me a lot of Alpha Dog. Some stupid stoner kids get in way over their heads and regret follows. You gotta hand it to a chubby nerdy kid who went from slinging pizzas to multi-million dollar weed deals.

Grant H (de) wrote: Ok movie. The story has a lot of really great ideas, the film's visual palette is stylish and beautiful, and features sone good performances, especially Bridges, but it falls into too many YA clichs seen in Divergent and Maze Runner.