Adhisaya Ulagam

Adhisaya Ulagam


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Clark M (ag) wrote: Not as funny as the first two movies.

Kenneth E (it) wrote: Wow. It might be because I had just finished watching "2012: Ice Age", but I thought this movie was amazing! Not often do you get a natural disaster movie that is really worth watching, but this one was actually really neat. I liked how it gave a bit of a back story, but at the same time it spent hardly any time getting into the plot. 5 Stars!

Silvia O (au) wrote: Both sweet and realistic in the way it is made, but the plot that supports the movie unfortunately lacks a clear structure.

Bing C (jp) wrote: A great Bollywood film!

Karen H (mx) wrote: 2015-09-06 hard to match what we saw to the synopses because everyone had nicknames - Rocket, Shaggy, Goose, Lil Z, Carrot, Knockout Ned. hard to watch even with the English subtitles (spoken all in Portuguese) but very well done.

Matt M (kr) wrote: De Palma delves into sci-fi with Mission to Mars, a film about a mission about the first human expedition to the red planet. De Palma awkwardly tries to make this both an intellectual's film as well as an entertaining science fiction feature; the mix end up being awkward, unsatisfactory and dull, though some of the visuals are still admirable.

Ifiok O (gb) wrote: The premise would have worked much better as a 10-minute sketch on "In Living Color," but as a full-length feature film, it never finds its legs. As silly as the humor is, the movie is completely devoid of anything clever, and it lacks the focus that most parodies have in order to be considered a classic.

Don N (jp) wrote: A remarkable achievement in being broke. This film is a must watch for aspiring filmmakers and spanish speaking turtle lovers.

Judge L (ru) wrote: Have enjoyed this one ever since I saw it on the big screen. Great summer time movie.

Stella D (de) wrote: one of those terrific westerns where nothing is black and white. dana andrews stands by his friend brian donlevy, who may be a thief and maybe a murderer, and is engaged to the woman they both love. a fight with a local outlaw and an indian attack later, and everything shakes out differently. hoagy carmichael sings and all's right with the world. well worth it for western fans

George T (gb) wrote: That this got a 75 from supposedly real movie critics is beyond me. A total waste of time